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Open Other Outdoors Artisan Booster for land vehicles

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Oct 27, 2022
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I propose some sort of booster for land vehicles, either:
-an ability similar to the Gallop command for pet mounts(call it Petal to the Metal or something) that temporarily boosts land vehicle speed perhaps at the cost of some vehicle condition or​
-a modification like the lava resistance kit that could be purchased/crafted and applied to vehicles to give them either, a temporary boost ability similar to space vehicles or even a general speed increase.​
Even with current server fastest vehicles, traversing the large planet surfaces can take a long time. Since atmo flight has been vehemently denied by devs, this seems like a fair compromise.
To increase enjoyment for players with limited play time or just the super impatient. Spending half my time driving through the middle of nowhere for kms to get to my next objective can be frustrating.
Either option proposed also created an economy credit sink, either repairing or buying new vehicles if the ability causes them to break down faster, or purchasing the booster mod kits.