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Open Artisan Change modifier bit "grind."

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May 29, 2021
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To maintain the process as "an investment" perhaps institute a resource stat specific requirement based on the type and level of the mod that can be combined either with the existing RE tool (not requiring the item to be placed in some arbitrary shirt or knife).

For looted, stated clothing, RE as normal to receive the power bit. Either keep the junk loot requirement as normal, or simply allow the tool to select the modifier you want, which would tell the tool what resource stat would then be required to enhance. If the stated item already has the modifier desired, this step could be skipped. Place item or power bit in tool with required resource and enhance. Highest quality resource would perhaps facilitate a 5-10 level enhancement, depending on starting level (diminishing returns).

For example: Melee Defense requires a resource with UT. Power of +15 requires that UT to be at least 500, +25 would be 750, etc. a higher value resource used with a lower level power bit would facilitate a greater increase, i.e. beginning with a +15 Melee Defense modifier when combined with a resource that has a UT of 950+ would result in a +20 Melee Defense Modifier, or +25, tweak as necessary. For modifiers that are suppose to be "harder" to attain, perhaps a multi-stat requirement for the resource.

To achieve multiple stats, simply put the three single stat mods into the RE tool.
Remove a tedious, monotonous and boring aspect from the game while maintaining a sense of accomplishment and player investment. Also, decrease instances of AFK grinding loot that many feel is required to enjoy endgame content. Also, removing that tedious and boring prospect of ATK grinding said loot.
Tedious is boring. Tediousness and boringness should not exist in a game.
Without trying to instantly give everyone +35s, this process should be changed to remove the tediousness of the process while still allowing it to feel like, or be considered, an accomplishment.
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