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Open Outdoors Change prerequisits for Bio-Engineer

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Jun 5, 2021
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1. Change prerequisits from Scout(0040)/Medic(0004) to Artisan(4000) only (most fair solution compared to other crafters).
2. Change prerequisits from Scout(0040)/Medic(0004) to Medic(0004) only (most logical solution).
If you go for a full crafting toon you can master 3 crafting professions. Except if you take Bio-Engineer, then you can master 2 only.
If you decide to go for Bio-Engineer you have to use 58(!) skill points to be able to learn novice Bio-Engineer. Every other crafter needs 29 skill points only.
Since DNA sampling is not done by Bio-Engineers anymore, but by Scouts/Rangers the Bio-Engineer is a pure crafting profession only (not an outdoor profession).
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