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Open Space Social Chronicle-like system for Space

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Jun 29, 2021
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Implement a system for creating missions/quests in space similar to that which is available to chroniclers.
It could be given as a reward for completing a particular collection or generally available.
The end game grind in space is repeatedly farming duty missions and static spawns, this would create a more immersive experience and reduce burnout from the grind.
The chronicle system allows players to create their own stories on ground, there is no reason (other than maybe technical) why it should not be available to pilots as well.
At the moment space content pretty much ends after you've completed all squadrons and finished the Nova Orion quest arc, at which point it becomes a grind to get parts for pvp, farm duties and blow up convoys. A chronicle-like system would enable players to create their own stories in space and maybe even introduce an easy way for group content in space.