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Jun 20, 2021
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add 1 vendor as a reward to place in tent thats a reward later in the grind
lets me sell my questing wares. lets me have questing events someday when i get good at this chronicle master that has nothing to do with the dirty bazaar
will not have to bug people to place a vendor for me and can place that nice tent down but do not have a merchant to place a vendor..shouldnt have to spend points or dedicate an alt to that.
I am currently grinding this.. Can a reward for reaching Chronicle Master after the last box is learned to give +1 to putting a vendor down the tent thats given as a reward. I am grinding it to say I did it and a title if given or a badge..whatever comes with it but as this has been a real grind i never expected I think id like to be able make those quests especially when a get a relic thats a 4 for some world boss or hard to reach place in game.

i am a very quiet player and even though im sure maybe a guildie would help out in their own building or a friend if i had on in game to bug I will have to resort to the bazaar..kinda dont want to do that if i can have a small tent to place around the game world.