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May 28, 2021
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Some new features for player made questing.
A more robust system worth getting into for some.
Make the system more consistent and engaging.
Quest Builder Interface = Shop as Well:
Can we make the Quest Builder partly a shop as well? 10 Fragments gets a Chronicler a RANDOM relic for some RANDOM task somewhere... If you want to make a theme park like batch of quests you either need to GRIND away in that location or roll down 8k fragments and hope you get what you need.

I propose allowing a Chronicler to select a task from the Quest Builder interface and spending 50-100 fragments to get the relics required to make the perfect quest.

Reputation / Currency with a Chronicler:
If completing quests from a Chronicler awarded some sort of trackable currency with that Chronicler it might be neat. I have often wanted to offer special quests and perks to those who do my Chronicler quests the most. Reputation with each Chronicler would be cool to track - leaderboards for individuals within the Chronicler System for each Chronicler they have engaged with..

There are some non-game breaking ways Chroniclers could use this information.. maybe RP guilds could even use rank with the guild Chroniclers as a justification for promotion.

Space Relics:
Enough said- Kill, Loot, Location based Relics for space quests. Right?
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