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Open Other CL90 Mysterious Container Maps Loot boost

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Feb 21, 2023
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DOnt increase the drop rate of the rare items that already exist, Just add some more things to boost whats there so that are worth the effort to do. Like make the augs good for example or stat loot is only +23.

** I would like to note that these maps have super rare loot when grouped with 8, I dont want those to have increase drop just less useless junk for the effort**
Alot of effort, and alot of time for junk
I love maps, I love these are difficult to do, Makes me sad they dont feel worth it now.
Since player Jedi abilities were changed the cl90 Mysterious Container maps have just become really really challenging and sadly for 90% of the time junk.

2 or 3 x 81 gold jedis hitting me for 3186 with saber break. You have to be tactical, with pulling them, you will usually get incapped, the leash on the box dont work always and they chased me 200m today to incap me. And you cant group to help as you just get more jedi.

******* IM AM NOT SAYING MAKE THEM EASIER!!! I like it they are hard and you have to actually think. *******

The loot you get is just not worth the hassle. I can to the CL80 ones and other than some specific bracelets they are the same loot and not that difficult.

The average haul for your efforts is
1x +20 stat loot
1x +22 stat loot
1x +16 stat loot
Portable Stove Schematic
Advanced Stim Agility (3)
SG82 Rifle which is CL80 Req with terrible stats .
Aug 27, 2021
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Group PvE content having terrible rewards? Add it to the list.
Also I remember farming these like a year+ ago...
It's worth noting that most of the rare gem buff items you can get are pretty worthless, one of the one's we got gave like 2 minutes of 20 melee general and 3% to some NGE stat that didn't work here. Also, if you use them, it will probably put better Musty buff items on cooldown lmao.
Rozay also got Nerfmilk, which is supposed to be snare immune. But we tested it multiple times and it never worked. Maybe it got fixed at some point though, I'll have to ask him to try it.

Once Jedi is in a stable enough spot, it would probably be a good idea to look at all of the high end group PvE content loot.