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Open Hybrid Commando DoT Changes Please?

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Feb 13, 2022
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Change the way DoT stacking works for Single or small groups of Commandos to increase their Damage output, while not overpowering groups of 4 or more by keeping it so each Target can still only be affected by one HW DoT per Element Type total.
Commando's rely upon their DOTs for for enough Damage to reach their full damage potential, but the current limit Hamstrings Single or small groups of Commandos from reaching this full potential. No Other Mastered Classes (that I know) are locked from using their damaging abilities and therefore reaching their maximum Damage potential.
Give Single Commandos (or smaller groups of Commandos) more DoT stacking options and therefore better damage output (if willing to take the extra time and spend the heavy action cost).
Hello One and All,

I have an idea that I think would help make Commando's a little bit better (And more desirable) and I wanted to see if I could run it past you for consideration. Basically, I am asking that the fact that a Commando can only have one of their DoT Types applied to a target (through "It Burns" and "Burn Down") at once be changed. Currently, if a Commando has a DoT stack going and switches weapons, the new one would override and the DoT of the other type and reset to zero, which is what I am asking to be changed in the following manner:

I would like for the change to allow a single Commando to stack Elemental DoTs from all of his weapons onto a Target, if they are willing to take the time and Action to do so (and as anyone who plays a Commando knows, it can, and usually does, take a LOT Action and Time to stack even one). Before anyone expresses concern that this would allow a group of Commandos to super DoT stack by having 4 of each per target, the total number of HW DoTs that can be on a target would not be changed... one per element, just DoTs of all elements to be applied to a target without needing four (or Five if/when Cold comes in) Commandos to do it.

In Essence, a Group of 4 (or 5 if we get Cold HW) Commandos could not kill a target any faster as each would still need to use a different weapon to get their chosen DoT stacked (i.e. Two Commandos could have two DoTs on a target each, but they all would have to be different, etc; etc), while giving a Single (or smaller group of Commandos) a little bit more FIrepower if they are willing to spend the lengthy time and hefty Action cost. By doing it this I think it would help fix some of the lower Single Commando damage per target and therefore make Commandos more desirable to play, as well as allow a group to take less than four (or Five) and potentially still get the same number of DoTs, allowing for a more diverse group.

Anyways, I wanted to Thank you for your time reading this and for any consideration you will give.