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Open Other Community Content Items: Pincode Access Lock, Custom Letters/Datapads

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Feb 21, 2023
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The idea is to start to add small items should require very little development effort that can be used to create community events.

A Datapad or letter where you can write a customer message for hints and clues .
A Pincode Access Lock will allow you to hide rewards, clues . (for any container, or door if possible)

Think of a treasure hunt. Each team gets their own pincode box, or the amazing race, you can hide certain items in there box they have to return.

I'm sure there are more simple items , I think these could enable more community content.
Player driven content takes it away from development,
THe easier things can be made to do the more people with do them, fresh content, thriving exciting server
Community content is exciting and keeps the game fresh but it is very limited without development to a point.