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Open GCW Create Assault and Recon variants of the Spec-ops Armor Sets

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Jul 15, 2023
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Simply implement recon and assault variants to the Spec-ops armor sets available at GCW recruiters.
GCW officers have builds of all kinds. Combat medics, bounty hunters, snipers, commandos, squad leaders, hybrids out the wazoo. Why limit the officer rewards to a single aspect by only having battle armor (especially since Squad Leaders wear Assault anyways)?
I personally was looking forward to being able to utilize the armor to its' fullest as it seemed like a really decent PvP set to wear around. My personal motivation: I can't wear officer armor because my build doesn't give me battle armor.
Title is self-explanatory. The Spec-ops armor is a really cool reward and looks awesome... expect you can only wear it if you can wear battle armor (aside from appearance of course).

Would it be possible to implement these variants so all combat builds can retain full benefit from hitting Major/Lt. Colonel? Perhaps do something along the lines of making a black variant of the scout trooper armor?
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