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Open Outdoors Creature Handler pet level limit

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May 28, 2021
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Change the level limit of the pet that a Creature Handler can summon to use the "Max level of pets" skill modifier
Using the "Max level of pets" skill modifier instead would mean one less skill mod that does nothing, and would also make for a Creature Handler system that is slightly closer to that of live CU
The current level limit appears to be using the same rules as NGE's Beastmaster, which causes a lot of strange situations in a CU environment (see below for examples)
The current rules for Creature Handler pet levels are as follows:
  • Pets cannot exceed the level of the player when levelling
  • A player cannot call a pet that is more than 10 levels above their own
This level limit was designed for an NGE environment where CL generally only goes in one direction. In CU, a players level is much more dynamic and creates the following consequences:
  1. A character with only Master Creature Handler is limited to a max CL64 pet, and this is assuming they level another profession just to hit CL64, level the pet, and then drop the skill boxes after. If they do not do so, their pet will instead be stuck at CL54. This is inconsistent with CU's design philosophy of allowing CL54 players to have access to the same equipment as a CL80 player.
  2. A character with only Novice Creature Handler and enough skill boxes from other professions to hit CL70 is able to use a CL80 pet. This doesn't really make sense especially considering the previous point.
  3. Build variety is more restricted for Creature Handlers, required them to be at least CL70 if they want to use a CL80 pet.
  4. It is possible for pets to become stuck in the datapad, unable to be called. This is most common when doing a respec and the player momentarily drops below CL70.
Changing the level limit to instead use the "Max level of pets" skill mod would solve all of the above problems. Currently, a Creature Handler is granted a total of +70 Max level of pets at the Master rank. I believe this is due to the values being copied over from live CU data, where all characters had a default value of +10 Max level of pets. This would have to be changed in Restoration to grant an additional +10 across the skill tree.

Additionally, I would like to propose that the skill mod also scale the level of the pet being called, should the pet level exceed that of the Creature Handler's skill. This is to avoid a situation similar to point 3 while under the new system. For example, a player with Creature Handler 4444 (+60 Max level of pets), when attempting to summon a CL80 pet, would have the pet scale down to CL70, rather than it becoming unable to be called at all.
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Sep 23, 2022
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I would agree to this only if the additional pets was enabled.

I personally would take the hit on not being master and using a level 80 if I could as a master call 2 level 40's.

You cant enable one portion of the old system and not enable it all.

Master CH could call upto 3 pets of varying levels as long as they didnt surpass their max level of control total.
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Jan 30, 2023
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I do not understand why this server is using post NGE CH. I leveled up to master thinking I could summon more than one pet. :(