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Open Artisan Crossover Component Crafting

This idea/suggestion is Open. You can respond to ask questions or discuss the idea and either vote it up or down if you believe it should or should not be implemented, respectively. Popular suggestions and ideas will be considered by the development team to become reality in-game.
Jul 30, 2021
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I propose the various crossover crafting items should be easily identifiable so that a crafter does not waste a lot of time and energy searching for a schematic they don't have.

When listing the components needed for crafting the item, have a 2 or 4 letter code that first, shows me I can or cannot craft it, and second, if I can’t, what profession can. For example, instead of calling it a Power Conditioner, call it an MA-Power Conditioner or MART-Power Conditioner. Because I see the MA or MART there, it tells me I can't craft it, and the MA or MART lets me know that I must go to a Master Artisan to get it done.

We could use a 2 or 4 letter code at the beginning or end to call out all the crossover components. Here are some possible examples of the codes:

MART or MA – Artisan
ARMS or AS – Armorsmith
ARCH or AT – Architect
BIOE or BE – Bioengineer
CHEF or CF – Chef
DENG or DE – Droid Engineer
TAIL or TL – Tailor
WEPS or WS – Weaponsmith

The 4 letter codes would lead to less guess work about which profession.
I think the impact will be a positive one, by reducing the overall frustration and it will allow crafters to do their part. I also believe it would help to stimulate the economy as crafters will have the parts they need to craft their own wares, thereby making crafted items more readily available to the rest of the community.
By having these crossover components easily identified, it will save time and frustration on the crafter’s part, and crafters can see what items other crafters will need. They can make additional income by making crates of these components to sell on their vendors and the Bazaar, making them readily available to their crafting counterparts.
For those of us who have delved into the world of SWG crafting, we have all had some frustrations somewhere along the way.

I originally started off my crafter with the thought of having a Master Architect – Master Armorsmith – Master Merchant. I finished Architect and started the Armorsmith portion of the grind. Then I hit a roadblock.

To craft certain pieces of armor, I needed Reinforced Fiber Panels. I searched and search for the schematic so I could craft them and continue my XP grind, but I could not find the item in my list of schematics. Then after a little research on the web, I finally found out that the component I needed was in fact crafted by a Tailor, which was a skill I did not have, nor did I know any Tailors. I gave up the Armorsmith grind and respec'ed to Tailor thinking there would be less crossover crafting.

Today, I ran into that same roadblock, this time as a Master Architect. I was asked to craft the Large Generic Windowed House. One of the sub-components I needed was a Power Core Unit. I had the schematic for that item, but to craft it, I needed two other sub-components, a Power Conditioner, and an Energy Distributer. Again, as before, I did a time-consuming search through the schematics I had and trying various crafting tools and stations looking for those ever-elusive sub-components. No joy.

This was familiar territory to me, so I looked under the skill trees for other crafters. Under the Master Artisan is where I found them. I had to stop what I was doing and go find a Master Artisan to get them to craft these missing sub-components.

I understand that crafting has been set up to have a small amount of interdependence on the other professions. It was not as big of a deal back in the days of SOE’s SWG. There were lots of crafters to choose from. Here with R-III, that number is more finite and certain professions can be very difficult to find, even with the use of the Discord channel.
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May 28, 2021
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IDK I have not really had to much of an issue with it tbh. If you need something just ask it in crafting on discord and someone will tell you who makes it.
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