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Open Social Dancing Position Anchor

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Mar 5, 2023
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Create an 'anchor' type ability, that upon execution stores a position, and then create a ‘return to anchor’ type ability that causes the dancing entertainer to return to a stored position, within reason.
Ever wonder why every entertainer is doing the same dance? Yes, there’s that one leveling ent flying across the room, and sometimes right out the door, but generally you will only see maybe two dances, with exotic, and its variants, being the most common. The reason for this is because every other dance, and every flourish in other dances, causes a small displacement of the dancer, literally resulting in people dancing off the stage.
To allow entertainers to perform a wider variety of dances without issues, and create a more entertaining experience for the patrons at both the Cantina and events.
Data: Originally I attempted to map the slight shifts in position by using housing objects to measure distances after dancing and flourishing over five minute tests. My concrete result was that basic dance 1 results in an approximate 17 left and 15 back shift after 5 minutes; additionally, performing flourish 1 during basic dance 1 resulted in a .17 right and .1333 back shift. I quickly realized that every dance and every flourish would produce unique shifts, with 20 odd dances and 10 flourishes this would require in excess of 200 test cases. I stopped that endeavor and am instead making this feature request.

Currently, you can dance however you want to, but you will leave your friends behind unless its Exotic #.
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Sep 14, 2022
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It'd be nice to see more of the dances that we have. Some of them are great and exotic is boring.
Sep 8, 2021
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San Diego, California, United States
I agree with this, the main reason I don't use dances other than exotic is because pretty much all others, save for Exotic and Popular have you fly everywhere. Which defeats the concept of giving people entertainer buffs.
Aug 2, 2021
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This is an excellent idea. Hopefully it is feasible to accomplish, in some way.
I remember, back in the earliest days of the game, before we fully figured out, and realized, the other dances would send us too wildly out of position - we used to enjoy multiple dances. Groups of entertainers matching flourishes in dances of various styles - based on what music we were playing. Then, it just became exotic dances, all the time.
You have my plus one. ;)