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Open Other Space Direct Travel to unlocked starship terminal locations

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Oct 27, 2022
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Add Jabba's Palace (and any other activated starship terminals) as a destination for the Travel function of starship terminals for those who have permission to land there.
If I'm welcome to land at the palace from space, why can't I fly directly there from another starport?
It's mildly annoying to have to launch my ship into space, then fly to the space station to land at Jabba's Palace.
For those who 'are welcome' to land at Jabba's Palace, as the space station puts it, I think they should be able to select it as a destination for 'Travel' in the starship terminal. Nothing game breaking or even particularly advantageous about it, but it would make it a little more convenient for those doing missions from NPCs in the palace.
Edit: apparently there are other terminals around the galaxy that can be activated for use, but still require coming in from space to land at, the same justification and motivation would apply to those as well so I'm making this PV a little more generic/encompassing.
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Feb 11, 2022
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The same should apply to those who have activated the Starport Terminal for the Rebel Base on Dantooine.

If you can land there from the space station, it should activate on the terminal.
Jan 8, 2023
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I just want to add, as a new player, one of the most annoying things to me -- annoying to the point of asking, why am I playing this game -- is having to waste time traveling great long distances just to play the game. If there are important events or disasters that can happen along the way, then that's fine and makes sense for requiring us to travel. But if the only purpose of forcing us to travel is to delay us from making progress, then I would rather play something else. My time is precious, I can't sit for hours, I have real life obligations, so I want to be able to drop in, get to some content, and overcome challenges and difficulty that require skill and teamwork to overcome, not merely brute force "set character to run" and wait an hour.

Thanks for your consideration
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