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Open Science Artisan Display the quantity of medical enhancers in a player's inventory on the toolbar

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Mar 5, 2023
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Display the number of medical enhancers a player has accesible in their inventory on top of the applicable skill in the toolbar. This will allow the player to keep better track of their enhancer use and make managing enhancers easier.
Currently the only way to know if your medical abilities are being enhanced are by watching the floating numbers on the things you're applying them to or by checking if you've got them accessible in the inventory. Knowing when you run out of a specific enhancer is difficult unless you've got your inventory open constantly and you're manually tracking their use. I think adding an overlay to the skill that the enhancer is effecting is a quick and easy QoL improvement for those with access to enhancers.
It can be annoying running out of an enhancer and then trying to figure out which of the several is missing. For instance, as a CM I've got access to six different abilities that can be enhanced, when I run out of one of the six I find myself playing the "which of these tiny six pictures is the one that isn't in my inventory?" game. Naming conventions on the enhancers you buy can further compound the problem. (See my attached screenshot for an example: my Bacta Spray enhancer displays as "1331/239 <SI> Bact.." in my inventory.)

Also for skills like Bacta Spray more than one enhancer can be used at a time if you splash heal a group each group member consumes a charge of your enhancer so this change would also make managing that skill in a group setting much easier.

Pictured: An example of how to apply the change to the toolbar