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Open Artisan Social Entertainer Tapes - Rework and Functionality

This idea/suggestion is Open. You can respond to ask questions or discuss the idea and either vote it up or down if you believe it should or should not be implemented, respectively. Popular suggestions and ideas will be considered by the development team to become reality in-game.
May 28, 2021
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Make Props and Instruments able to be made with sockets.
Modify the Skill tapes available to Entertainers.
Post Temp Progression for Entertainers.
Implement features that are only partially functional or exist and are not functioning at all.
Exotics - Entertainer Tapes and What would need to happen.

Firstly to utilize the full set of three exotic tapes (i.e. Shirt, Breastplate, and Weapon) instruments and dance props would need to be adjusted to have a chance for sockets. Instruments and Dance props already are treated as weapons for the purposes of power-ups. If you are holding a Slitherhorn and activate a weapon power-up the buff will apply to that instrument.

ACTION #1: Make props and instruments able to made with Sockets.

ACTION #2: Implement Changes to Entertainer Stats and how they Function

Instrument and Dance Prop Assembly
Dance Prop Assembly3Profession: Entertainer16

Instrument Assembly3Profession: Entertainer15

The proposed functionality of this tape should be required to make instruments and props with sockets. It's Ratio of 3 indicates a maximum of +10 on a tape and roughly the same on power-ups. With tapes and power-ups that would be a possible maximum of +60 (to the base of +100 in each from skill boxes at max level).
Skill (Instrument / Dance Prop Assembly)Chance for Socket on Craft
130 (+30 from tapes only)25%
160 (+60 from tapes and relevant power-ups)75%

Musical Enhancement and Dance Enhancement
Dancing Enhancement3Profession: Entertainer34

Musical Enhancement3Profession: Entertainer98

Firstly, we do not want to modify the values and pre-requisites for the existing skills and their current functionality. A master Musician/Dancer/Entertainer without tapes or power-ups should remain unchanged. Thus a check would need to be made for both Enhancements to activate the following perks. 130 is the current maximum possible for the Enhancement stats. With a ratio of 3 we are looking at the same possible maximums from tapes and power-ups of +60 (to the base of +130 from skill boxes at max level).
Skill (Musical Enhancement / Dancing Enhancement)Inspiration Buff Base Point Increase

Music Knowledge and Dance Knowledge
Dance Knowledge3Profession: Entertainer17

Music Knowledge3Profession: Entertainer88

Same as Musical Enhancement and Dance Enhancement we don't want to modify how the Musical and Dance knowledge skills affect anything that already exists. So a check can be added for when the skill points exceed the base maximum of +100 for both skills respectively. With a ratio of 3 we are looking at the same possible maximums from tapes and power-ups of +60 (to the base of +100 from skill boxes at max level).
Skill (Music Knowledge / Dance Knowledge) Inspiration Attribute Increase (amount increase per point to Attributes)
110-129220 (+1 point Max Attribute increase with 10/10 points = 110 Toughness)
130-149240 (+2 point Max Attribute increase with 10/10 points = 120 Toughness)
150-160260 (+3 point Max Attribute increase with 10/10 points = 130 Toughness)

Other Stats to consider:

Inspiration Reactive Proc Increase - (affects buffs like Second Chance)
Inspiration Base Point Increase -(affects the number of buff points available to spend)
Inspiration Resist Increase -(affects the amount each point in Kin/En/Ele resistance is worth)
Inspiration Pulse Increase -(the amount of minutes each tick increase max dura by (max 4 for 14 minutes))
Inspiration Duration Increase -(total duration of the buff)
Performance Effectiveness Increase -(not sure I think this had to do with battle fatigue? dev could confirm)
Inspiration Combat Increase -(potency of combat related inspiration buffs)
Artisan Inspiration Increase -(potency of artisan related inspiration buffs)

All values and mechanics are suggestions based on current mechanics and possible future mechanics. Feedback is appreciated.
May 28, 2021
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Just to add to this: You can currently get a full exotic suit made RIGHT NOW.
+10 Enhancement
+10 Knowledge
+10 Assembly

And it functionally does nothing. So this is not just an additive feature for Entertainer it is fixing a currently broken implementation.
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Oct 30, 2021
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Since instruments and dance props don't wear out, the socket and skilltape idea might not be the best suggestion.

I like the idea but think it should be implemented as powerups instead, which would act as a credit sink, where props and instruments with skilltapes, would not. This would be much simpler to code than adding new skilltapes and new socketed entertainer gear, instead, it would only require adding 3 new powerup to modifier bit "craftable" relationships.

Including the rest of the suggestion into game mechanics is not included in my "simpler to implement" opinion.

Getting the bonuses from powerups would also have a lower barrier to entry for new entertainers to power up all their gear, but long term it would be more expensive.

Leave the powerup timers the same as everything else is and Shalom! Very simple and a regular credit sink.