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Open Other Artisan Expose harvester actions to commands

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May 28, 2021
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One or more of these things
  1. There is a command /ui action harvester that looks like it should open the harvester operate window, but does not. If it could do that it would be great!
  2. Add a command to open the Operate window if 1 is not it.
  3. Add a command to recover all the resources in a harvester.
  4. Move the 'operate' action in the radial from the sub menu to the top level so it can be selected with key strokes, or even the /ui action conversationResponse commands
When an important resource spawn hits, artisans and their contractors lay out large fields of harvesters. Several of the commands that are required to place them, manage them, and then recover them are exposed to the command window allowing minimal mouse to keyboard back and forth - or even macro sequences. The one part of the process that can't be involves opening the Operate window., and its child windows.
Reduce the tediousness of laying and recovering harvester fields.
Make it easier to lay and remove harvester fields