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Open GCW Faction Bases Rework - Concept

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Aug 18, 2022
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Bases now level up and all start out as a Forward Outpost (Rank 1). Over time, bases will level up and upgrade to a Field Hospital, Tactical Centre and finally a Detachment HQ (Rank 80). All of which offer new and fun functionality.

Levelling Up Your Base
  • Time: For everyday the base remains intact, XP is granted.
  • Personnel: any factionally aligned player can assign themselves to a specific base (similar to the way declaring city residence works). This not only promotes group play/investment, it also increases the daily XP gain and awards greater amounts for higher ranking players.
  • Missions: complete Faction Missions from the base to gain additional XP.
  • Protect: successfully defend the base from attackers
  • Buff: entertain the troops (entertainer)

Level 1 to Level 20
Forward Outpost
  • Improved ground mission terminal with greater credit and GCW payout. See player voice: Faction Terminals Rework
  • Base Repair Terminal - a crafting mini game to repair damaged bases.

Level 21 to Level 40
Field Hospital
  • An additional faction specific Doctor Buff. Can only be applied by Doctors buffing from inside the base.
  • Automatic wound healing when inside.

Level 41 to Level 60
Tactical Centre
  • Landing Zone (Faction Only).
  • Various Crafting Bonuses.
  • Ability for ranked players to call in NPC reinforcements to defend a base.

Level 60 to Level 80 (Max)
Detachment HQ
  • PvP mission terminal
  • Starship Travel Terminal (Faction Only)
  • Recruit Faction Pets
  • Faction Insurance Terminal (Free to Insure)

Attacking Enemy Bases

This process remains relatively unchanged, except for a few tweaks.

Bases have a vulnerability window as before however, terminals used to set the base to self-destruct would no longer be tied to a profession.
Adding new and engaging ways for players to take part in the GCW.
Faction bases are a bit tired and this rework could freshen them up and give players more reason to use them. It would also be a unique base busting system for Restoration.
A concept to help improve GCW participation and give players real reason and excitement to place and defend factional bases.