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Not Implemented Artisan Fix Katarn Armor color for Looted and Quest Armor

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Jul 16, 2021
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Adjust 'Avenging Mort: Phase II' quest reward Katarn Armor color to be all white and fix the Armor Color Kit's to allow for the customization of looted Katarn Armor schematics that are crafted by Armorsmiths.
There are 2 places in game to acquire Katarn Armor - These are:

1. Reward from the quest 'Avenging Mort: Phase II'
2. A rare looted schematic from the [Group] Mutant Rancor (Witches of Dathomir) that can then be crafted by an Armorsmith.

Prior to 1.0 release in September of 2022, Katarn armor that was a reward as a result of successfully completing the quest 'Avenging Mort: Phase II' was white. This was easily attainable and made sense. The looted schematic was incredibly rare in general, and even more difficult to acquire an entire suit. This was colorable via Armorsmiths, but also recolorable with the Armor Color Kit so it stood out.

Post 1.0 the Avenging Mort Quest armor changed colors to align to the faction of the individual that completed this quest (NGE Colors). At the same time, the rare schematic(s) crafted pieces reverted to one of these factional/NGE colors from Morts quest, and lost all ability to be customizable.
At the end of the day - Katarn Armor is cool. People want to wear it - and people want to stand out. The game in general needs to encourage content in a way that tiers rewards based on level of effort. A hard to acquire schematic needs to be customizable and be more rare than your average quest. One of the motivators for getting groups together for the Mutant Rancor was to attain these rare schematics, and the changes from 1.0 made it pointless.
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Jun 1, 2021
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We've previously acknowledged this is a bug and that we will fix it. Because it is cosmetic, it is a low priority. PV is not required.
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