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Open Other Social Galactic Fortitude: match item and token trade state

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May 28, 2021
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Make Galactic Fortitude purchased items No Trade Shared like the tokens themselves.
You can trade tokens among your character slots, but not trade the items purchased with those, it should be both or nether for consistency.
As template and goals change, you may wat to trade the items you purchased earlier on one toon to another on the same account, but can't.
I was excited to buy a swamp speeder on my combat main too and have loved using it. I recently got an AV-21 and now use that for a 2 seater, leaving the cool swamp speeder unused. I'd like to give that item to my crafter now, but its no trade. If I'd had this plan from the start, I could have traded the tokens but after they are spent, I can't.
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