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Jun 2, 2022
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Added ground content for GCW content
Adding more GCW content that is challenging.
Get more involved in ground content and to allow players to fight iconic characters that were important during the GCW event.
This was an idea I had for GCW ground content. GCW hero slayer is what I call it. Its where faction players go up against enemy GCW hero NPCs. Let me know what you guys think. I thought the idea or concept idea could be a fun GCW ground event players could do. It is also a way to encourage players to be involved in GCW PVP and Ground invasions to avoid having to deal with enemy GCW heroes who will start to appear randomly to assist their faction. GCW heroes can flip the ground faster than players

GCW Ground Content
GCW Heroes Slayer
This idea involves heroes for both fractions of the GCW war to appear either randomly or at GCW invasions or the planet is being flipped by enemy players
Fighting enemy GCW heroes will be tough as they have an higher combat lvl and will have higher tier NPC to assist them. Their debuffs are also stronger than players and other NPCs within the game
The heroes can be defeated in battle by players but they’re difficult to defeat.
Players can randomly find and take them out if they can
Players with the rank of General can buy a device from a faction recruiter to send out a distress signals out to fool enemy GCW heroes to appear so that their team can ambush them in battle
GCW heroes will flee once they’re defeated similar to the same way they do in space or space aces do
Defeating all of the enemy GCW heroes would involve the following awards: GCW Hero Slayer badge, 5K in GCW tokens for the ground GCW content, 15K in GCW points and 150k in credits. Last, 3% slower GCW faction stat decry for those that are officers and a 1% increase in GCW points.
Players with a General rank could call for GCW heroes to assist in GCW invasions or for flipping the ground planet but this would cost a large amount of GCW tokens to perform this.

GCW Heroes for the Rebellion:
Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian (maybe), Dash Rendar (maybe)

Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker (Shadows of the Empire/Return of the Jedi era) is the hardest GCW hero that Imperial Players or Imperial Mercs can or will fight against.
He is powerful and is combat level 300 like Darth Vader. However, he uses basic to intermediate force abilities and lightsaber skills unlike Vader who does not do this.
This is to reflect that Luke isn’t a full fledged Jedi Knight yet and does not have a lot of fancy Jedi Knight abilities yet. But even his most basic to intermediate jedi skills can defeat players that fight him. Fortunately for imperial players, it gives them an opening to potentially defeat him.
His attire is his Return of the Jedi attire with his green lightsaber

Han Solo
Han Solo, a tough character for imperial players and mercs to fight. Potential combat lvl 230 or 250.
He has his powerful blaster that does alot of damage and will use powerful area attacks against enemy players. He will use pistoleer, sharpshooter, commando (throwing explosives) and smuggler based attack that players can use but his skills are vastly superior.
He can also move fast allowing him to close the distance despite not having force abilities. He also has the ability to stop and shoot multiple players at once to keep them in place so he can use his fan shot abilities. He can also throw thermal grenades at enemy players and perform armor break on players.
At random times Han will have Chewie as back up to assist him. Making him harder to defeat.

Chewie is another tough character for imperial players to face. Potential combat lvl is 250 or 280.
He is able to take alot of damage and deliver alot of damage back at enemy players
His Bowcaster operates similar to a commando rocket launcher which can allow him to knock down players and set them on fire
He uses a combination of sharpshooter/commando/sniper abilities with his bowcaster
Chewie will use melee attacks on enemy players that get close to him and can do alot of damage to them
Chewie can go into a berserker rage stage that allows him to do even more damage and slowly regenerate for 30 seconds
Chewie is the only GCW hero that can randomly get assistance from another GCW hero which is Han Solo
The two of them are always close by which makes them deadly to deal with

Leia Organa
She is combat level 230 and can be difficult to deal with as she can call in infantry and armor reinforcement
She uses her Defender sporting blaster pistols which can do good amount of damage
She uses sharpshooter/pistoleer abilities on players
She isn’t the hardest but she is not easiest either to fight

Lando Calrissian
Combat Level 230 and has abilities similar to Han but not the same
He isn’t the strongest or the easiest to fight

Dash Rander (because I am fan of the character and Shadows of the Empire)
Same combat level as Han Solo (230-280) only a bit more deadlier to deal with
His pistol is a high-powered blaster that can set enemy players on fire along with knock them down
He can also perform armor break on enemy players
Like Han Solo, he has the ability to use powerful pistoleer/smuggler/commando-based attacks and throw thermal grenades at enemy players
He also has the ability to stop and shot multiple players at once and can fan shot them while they stay in place
His high power blaster allows him to hit enemies from a distance. His blaster has an effect similar to the launcher pistol and this includes the range as well

Imperial Heroes
Darth Vader, Mara Jade, General Veers, Boba Fett, Captain Thrawn

Darth Vader
He is a combat level 300. Needs rarely any introduction and is the strongest GCW hero to fight
His force and lightsaber powers are a force reckon with
His weakness is the that he cannot move fast and must walk or power walk like Mr.X from Resident Evil 2 remake toward enemy players
He can also take more damage than any NPC within the game

Mara Jade
Combat level 280 and is hard to fight. Potentially the second hardest imperial GCW hero for rebels to fight behind Boba
She is able to use blasters, her lightsaber and force abilities on rebel players and rebel mercs
She is fast and very nimble. She is able to close the distance and attack enemy players very quickly

Boba Fett
Combat LvL 250, third most deadliest GCW hero for rebel players and rebel mercs to fight
He uses advanced carbineer, bounty hunter and commando based attacks
If you get close to him, he will use his arm mount flamethrower on players
He will also throw thermal grenades and use his backpack missile on players
His mando armor allows him to take less damage from Rebel players and anyone else that fights him

General Veers (Imperial Hero of the Battle of Hoth)
He is spotted using his AT-AT and is protect by two strong AT-ST walkers and strong imperial infantry
His AT-AT is combat level 200
Not the hardest but isn’t the easiest either to fight

Captain/Admiral Thrawn
Similar to Veers, he is spotted operating an AT-AT only he has two other AT-AT protecting him and imperial infantry
His AT-AT is combat level 200 and Thrawn NPC is 200
Unlike Veers, Thrawn will pop out of his AT-AT and will fight players similar to how the General's for GCW invasions will do

GCW Space Hero

Dash Rendar being able to fight against Imperial NPC and Players in space in his Outrider ship
The Outrider is a deadly ship for Imperial Players and Imperial Mercs to fight as his ship would be a Tier 9 YT-2400 POB. His ship is the second fastest POB within the game operated either by players or NPCs.
The Outrider can make sharp turns, has heavy shields and armor plating. Its gun turrets hit harder if the NPC can line up a shot on anything its trying to hit.
Dash Rendar could be an NPC that players spacers could fight either as Imperials and as Privateer pilots. He could appear for the Tier 7 patrols that Imperial can take up and Tier 7 pirate patrols.

Han Solo and Chewie flying the Falcon for GCW. The Falcon is the no.1 fastest POB in the game and has good overall PYR for such a ship. Han's ship can turn quickly to attack enemy players and NPCs. It can also close the distance and attack with its powerful POB gun. Han Solo ship is a Tier 9.
The Falcon also hits harder if the GCW hero NPC can line up a shot on a player or enemy NPC ship. N

Captain or Admiral Thrawn in either an Tier 9 Imperial Gunship surrounded by Tier 7 Imperial NPCs or an Buffed up Imperial frigate protected by multiple Tier 7 Imperial NPCs.

Not having the right parts for your ships, skills or potentially a team to back you up can be fatal trying to confront these GCW heroes.

Dash, Han and Thrawn could be GCW heroes that become available to players after they have defeated all of the other aces for Rebel and Imperial Tier 7 patrols. Dash can become available for Tier 7 patrols after the the other aces are defeated.
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