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Open Combat Outdoors Give Pet Supplements more functionality

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May 28, 2021
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- Reduce the current amount of standard Pet XP and Pet Loyalty gain to a minimal increase from NGE values.
- Amend Pet Supplements to increase increase both Pets XP and Loyalty gain equally
- Make Supplement Mark 1s stop working at Pet CL 60 instead of the current CL75
- Make Supplement Mark 2s start working from Pet CL 60 instead of the current CL 75
- Supplement to remain for full duration and not be removed when the creature is stored
Give CHs more of an incentive to use both varations of Supplements
Increases demand for both Supplements
Combat Level caps being different from NGE means Supplement Mark 2 are less desired.
Balance out XP and Loyalty gain as they are directly linked, but were increased at different times with different values creating an imbalance
More demand is needed for Supplement Mark 2
Due to the reduced Combat Level cap in CU and on R3, Supplement Mark 2s only have a use over CL 75 where the pet is almost cap CL. As a result the desire to buy and use Mark 2 Supplements is alot lower as they are only 'needed' for a small amount of the pets XP grind (last 5 levels).

The current Pet XP and Loyalty gain rates are significant enough to warrant not using Supplements at all, especially for the remaining 5 levels until cap (75-80).

I believe the increase of Loyalty gain being x7 from default is too much of an increase as a standard flat rate. Reducing the standard pet XP and Loyalty gain and having these both be increased at the same or similar rate when using Supplements would create an incentive for CHs to use Supplements and increase the demand for Supplements in the market.