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Open Artisan Holster

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Feb 12, 2022
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With a holster system this would allow us to not incur a move speed debuff, doing this would require you to hotkey your weapon to allow the equip as it does now, with an additional manual hotkey/button press to allow the players choice when to holster or not (this would display a static object on the characters hip/back). This could also give jedi another layer when released so they have to be conscious of what weapon is "holstered" before they attack.
High requested feature in the community, it allows for more depth and shouldn't affect too much in PVP (aside from telling me someone is using kinetic vs energy)
This would also allow more personalization to our character, but also add to the level of immersion by being able to see the weapons of individuals, not just have them disappear into the void.
Will there be a holster system in place for weapons?