Patch Notes - Hot Fix - November 12, 2021 | Star Wars Galaxies Restoration

Patch Notes Hot Fix - November 12, 2021

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A Hot Fix was applied to the server this evening as a part of regularly scheduled maintenance. The following changes are now live with the latest restart:

  • Galactic Fortitude Tokens are now granted when crafting a new prototype item. The earning rate is 5 tokens per prototype, with a maximum of 5 tokens per hour.
  • The issues affecting augmentations and looted components (e.g. Krayt Tissues and Peko Peko Albatross Feathers) on loot and in crafting processes have been resolved. This change is NOT retroactive. If you have broken components, please place them in your top-level inventory (not in a backpack, just directly in your inventory) and submit a ticket to support with the name of the item(s) and your character name and they will be replaced.
  • The Kashyyyk Exploration Badge is now properly considered with respect to the "Total Exploration Badges" count.
  • Entertainers can no longer earn Galactic Fortitude Tokens from applying an Inspiration Buff to themselves or another character on their own account.
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