Patch Notes - Hot Fix - October 28, 2021 | Star Wars Galaxies Restoration

Patch Notes Hot Fix - October 28, 2021

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  • The issue preventing all Artisan professions from having lucky chance procs has been resolved.
  • Unused skill mods have been removed from the loot tables.
Repair Tools
  • Repair Tools are now enabled. This change is retroactive to all Repair Tools that already exist.
  • Any player can use a Repair Tool, especially in instances where an emergent repair is necessary; However, Artisans with the proper expertise for their respective tools will have a higher degree of success when making repairs both in terms of repair outcome and repair quality.
  • The amount of Opportunity Chance a player has can increase the probability of a "lucky" repair when using a Repair Tool.
Quests and Content
  • The Rebel spawns for Phase III of the Fallen Jedi Starfighter Quest Series on Kashyyyk have been adjusted to prevent them from getting stuck in the terrain and to make the quest easier to complete.
  • Many broken strings in WoD Conversations and other UI elements have been replaced or corrected (special thanks to Vegvísir for all his hard work!).
User Interface
  • The Help and Card Game menu items have been removed from the Game Menu in Space.
  • The "Basics" tab no longer displays on the Secondary Professions Page.
  • The individual skills and item rewards in the Space, Chronicler, and Politician wheels on the Secondary Professions Window now properly display their icons.
  • The Galactic Moon Festival and Thunderdome badges should now display correctly in the Collections Window.
  • The "Voice" tab on the Game Options Window has been removed as this feature is deprecated and no longer available.
  • The old Customer Service prompt will no longer spawn when you press the "H" key.
Weapon Re-De-Construction
  • A new quest, Pehbon's Request, has been added to the game.
  • You can start Pehbon's Request by visiting Thimble's Hut in the Rori Isles.
  • There are two unique reward paths for completing Pehbon's Request based on your profession:
    • If you are a Master Weaponsmith, you will receive a No-Trade Weapon Re-De-Construction Tool. This tool, which allows weapons to become deconstructable once again, is consumable and allows 5 total uses.
    • If you are not a Master Weaponsmith, you can complete the quest to Re-De-Construct a single weapon of your choosing (you will not receive the tool).
  • Pehbon's Request is repeatable.
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