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Patch Notes Hotfix - September 24, 2022

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The server was taken down for maintenance today, and an update was applied. This update requires a client patch, so be sure to close the game and run your launcher. The update notes are as follows:


  • Volumetric Shadows should now work properly, and their attenuation has been increased for better visual appearance.
  • Volumetric Shadows now cast relative to their origin celestial light source more precisely and adhere to a planet's time of day cycle.
  • The client should no longer crash when opening the skills window after dropping all skills.


  • The Battle Fatigue and Wound effect from Disease Abilities has been reduced.
  • Creatures should no longer fire electricity when using special attacks.
  • Cyrobang grenades should now craft with an appropriate speed. This change is not retroactive.

Galactic Civil War

  • Mercenary players should now be flagged as Special Forces/Overt when entering the range of a GCW Invasion Defensive General.

Game Objects

  • A bug causing the barrel of turret objects to appear invisible has been resolved.
  • A bug causing structure placement pylons to appear with invalid textures has been resolved.
  • The following collection objects that previously gave cannot see/cannot interact errors should now be collectible:
    • Burning Rocks 3, 5, 6, and 10
    • A Datapad (Dantooine)
    • Disruptor Rifle (Mustafar)

Game World

  • A bug with the floors in the Geonosian Caves and Corellian Droid Factory causing players to become stuck has been fixed.
  • The Cloning Center at Mensix Mining Facility on Mustafar now contains an Insurance Terminal.
  • There is no longer snow in Dearic (Mini-Hotfix from Sept. 19).
  • The missing Cargo Shuttle in the "Remodeling" legacy quest has been re-added (Mini-Hotfix from Sept. 19).

We are aware there are still some issues with the SWG Restoration Launcher for some players. The Development Team is working to resolve those as soon as possible.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration Development Team
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