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Patch Notes Hotfix - January Bug Bash 1

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The server was taken down for maintenance today, and an update was applied. This update requires a client patch, so be sure to close the game and run your launcher. This is part one of a multi-part update this month. The update notes are as follows:

Client Game

  • Players will no longer automatically mount creatures when called from their datapad.
  • When attempting to mount any vehicle or creature, if the vehicle or creature is colliding with any collidable object or flora, players will be unable to mount and will instead receive a system message that they need to store and re-call their mount in another location. The effect of this change prevents using vehicles to glitch through collidable objects such as walls.
  • The camera rotation from key binding “Ctrl + Shift + S” has been disabled.


  • GCW Static Bases

    • Fixed a bug that caused a contested terminal to become “stuck” without resetting when the timer expired.
    • Fixed several bugs with the countdown timer so it now displays the remaining time correctly and the time now stays in sync with the server’s game time frames for better accuracy.
  • Life Day

    • Life Day has concluded for the season. Thank you to all participants!
  • Nym's Theme Park

    • Increased the timer to complete the Rescue the Lok Revenant quest from 3 minutes to 6 minutes and fixed a bug with the Prisoner’s running speed.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented 2-1B Droids from despawning after a GCW City Invasion ended.
  • Some buildings with missing furniture have been fixed. More will be addressed in a later update.
  • Factional Crackdown Inspections in Cantinas have been disabled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused very dark shadows during weather events on Dathomir.


  • Bounty Hunter

    • A Bounty Hunter can no longer accept a bounty mission if the player target of that mission also belongs to the Bounty Hunter’s account (an alt), is in the same guild as the Bounty Hunter, or is a citizen of the same city as the Bounty Hunter.
    • When a new bounty is created resulting from a PvP death, it will now appear on terminals 30 minutes after it was created instead of immediately.
    • Probe Droids will now provide an exact location of a bounty target in Space.
  • Creature Handler

    • A bug causing “Heal Beast (Mark 2)” and “Heal Beast (Mark 3)” to disappear from your listed skills has been resolved. Mark 2 of this command is now granted at Creature Empathy IV. Mark 3 of this command is now granted at Master Creature Handler.
    • The “Pet Trick 1” command has moved to Creature Training II and the “Pet Trick 2” command is now learned at Creature Training IV.
    • The Skill Templates window now properly reflects that the “Follow,” “Stay,” and “Train Pet” commands are learned at Novice Creature Handler.
    • The action cost of the Exceptional Milking and Egg Finder abilities has been corrected such that they are now usable.
  • Entertainer

    • The command “Holographic Recall” to remove your Holographic Backup Images is now learned at the same time as the “Holographic Image” command.


  • The structures owned by accounts where no players on that account have logged in for more than 180 days have been marked as (Abandoned). Any player can radial the house sign to call for the destruction of an abandoned structure. Players can earn badges for packing up to 100 abandoned structures (note that there are no other rewards besides the new space that was once occupied by the abandoned building). Abandoned structures destroyed through this process will return to the owning player’s datapad.
  • Please be advised that in a future update, the maintenance costs for medium and large structures, harvesters, and other installations will be increasing by 50-150%. More information will be shared in the future.
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