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Patch Notes Hotfix - Ewok Festival of Love

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The server was taken down for maintenance today, and an update was applied. No client patch is required. The update notes are as follows:

Ewok Festival of Love

  • The Ewok Festival of Love has returned to the galaxy! Visit Tyrena, Kaadara, and the Southern Ewok Lake Village to join the celebration. Be sure to check out all of the fan-favorite festivities: dancing Ewoks, chocolate fountains, and much more!
  • There are four Festival of Love activities this year, including a chance to play cupid! Use any earned Chak Hearts to purchase several rewards that are exclusive to the Ewok Festival of Love.
  • Note: Until the next client patch, badges will reflect the year 2011 instead of 2023. Please disregard this as we are holding off on a client patch due to other pending work but wanted to get the festival activated.
  • Allayloo ta nuv!

Misc. Bug Bash

  • The Ranch is now on Dathomir. But best to stay away unless you are invited.
  • The Melon Farmer now respawns on an 18-hour timer instead of a 24-hour timer so its spawning can rotate to other time zones.
  • Spawns in the area of Lok known as the "Kimogila Valley" have been adjusted to be less bug-prone, such that they should no longer spawn on top of one another, in large clumps, or in areas where they will get stuck or kited into other mob fights.
  • Fixed a bug where a specific Nightsister spawn would frequently spawn in a tree.
  • Increased the respawn time of Krayt Dragons.
  • Fixed a bug that caused 2 "Event Planners" to spawn on top of each other in Hotels.
  • Added Knockdown Resistance to very large creatures (e.g., Krayt Dragons, Rancors, and other large beasts that should not be easily knocked down).
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