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Patch Notes Hotfix

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Patch Notes
Hotfix Publish 1.1 Fixes (A)

The server was taken down for maintenance today, and an update was applied. Be sure to close the game and run your launcher. The update notes are as follows:

  • Added When a GCW Faction Base is attacked, it will now broadcast an alert of the attack to #gcw-activity on Discord in addition to the planet-wide System Message. Note: Base-related updates are also sent to the GCW Chat Channel in-game.
  • Fixed A bug that prevented players who participated in the opposite faction's Empire Day/Remembrance Day Celebration last year from participating in the festivities this year has been resolved. This will reset existing collection progress towards the 2023 event.
  • Fixed A temporary workaround to Master Underworld Smuggler missions was added to grant random slicing items after completing a mission. The underlying issue with this will be addressed in a later patch.
  • Fixed Players owed the Dust Durni Spring Cleaning Badge/Title will be granted it upon login.
  • Fixed Converted more Strikethrough Chance junk loot combinations into Medical Combat Speed.
  • Fixed Corrected several strings that were missing or had typos.
  • Fixed A bug that allowed some commands to execute while the character was incapacitated or dead was resolved.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration Development Team
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