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Patch Notes Hotfix

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Patch Notes

The server was taken down for maintenance today, and an update was applied. Be sure to close the game and run your launcher. The update notes are as follows:

A Patch Note IconCombat

  • Changed To reduce the disadvantage faster weapons have in combat, the Second Chance buff healing proc is now limited to one proc per 10 seconds per attacker.
  • Fixed The speed cap on 1H Melee Weapons is set at 1.0 speed.
  • Fixed An issue where health regen could get temporarily set to an incorrect value after combat has been corrected.
  • Fixed Several cases where non-damage combat abilities were causing cooldown and ability lockouts if the abilities failed to execute have been fixed.

A Patch Note IconContent

  • Changed The Reclusive Gurk King respawn timer has been reduced to 30 minutes.
  • Fixed A bug that prevented certain quests from allowing the player to choose from one of multiple rewards upon quest completion has been fixed.

A Patch Note IconGalactic Civil War

  • Changed Bases will now check for vulnerability status changes once every 15 minutes. This should address duplicated messages posted to Discord.
  • Changed A previous change that allowed control point gains by the opposing faction even when a factional base was placed in the region has been reverted. Players can no longer gain control points for a region while a faction base is placed in the region.
  • Changed Several GCW rank perks have been adjusted to act as a specific reward for achieving and maintaining that rank rather than as an everlasting reward for attaining the rank in the past. With this change, the rank perks have also been adjusted such that they are not an essential feature that every player feels compelled to attain for viability. These perks should remain strong but rarer and less decisive to the overall GCW.
    • The General-rank weapons can now only be equipped or used by GCW Officers holding the rank of Major or higher, and the proc on these weapons now does less damage and will now only have a chance to activate if you currently hold the rank of General.
    • The Colonel’s Signet Ring can now only be equipped or used by GCW Officers holding the rank of Major or higher.
    • The Command BARC can now only be called or mounted by GCW Officers holding the rank of Major or higher.
      • Note: Some players purchased these weapons, rings, or vehicles (or multiples thereof) with the expectation of always being able to use them regardless of their future rank. Consequently, we will allow for a one-time refund of the items purchased before this patch as in reconciliation for this change. Please contact Community Support if you would like a refund..
    • The GCW General's Airstrike ability is now limited to one use per hour per planet for each faction. Friendly players nearby will now also receive the comm messages when this ability is used.
    • The GCW General's Innate Armor bonus has been reduced from 20% to 15%.
  • Changed The health of vehicles constructed for GCW City Invasions will now scale to the tier they were built to.
  • Changed GCW City Invasion AT-AT and Hailfire vehicles no longer have health regen and now grant a large GCW bonus when destroyed.
  • Fixed Corrected the erroneously high bonus granted to factional control after gaining GCW points in a region you had selected to defend.
  • Fixed The Rebel’s Defend Barricade quest granted during GCW City Invasions now grants 1,000 GCW points while Special Forces, instead of 500, to match the Imperial quest.
  • Fixed A bug that required GCW Officers to need to visit Tatooine for their rank to update has been resolved.
  • Fixed Being Stunned should no longer prevent the use of officer abilities.
  • Removed To reduce the scope of the Galactic Civil War Planetary Control Game, better align with lore, and support future storytelling, the following planets have been removed from the control game and no longer have controllable regions or influence the galaxy-wide control score: Dathomir, Yavin IV, and Endor. Current Senior Officers holding ranks for controlling regions on these planets will lose rank through the regular weekly decay processes.

A Patch Note IconItems and Equipment

  • Changed Removed combat-level restrictions from virtually all non-crafted items in-game (this change is not retroactive for some items at this time but will be in the future). Please report as a bug any items that still contain combat-level restrictions. As a general rule, the Development Team does not intend for items to have combat-level restrictions due to the design mechanics of the Combat Upgrade era.
  • Changed The RIC-920 Rickshaw's speed has been increased and the description has been updated. This item is now no-trade.
  • Fixed Personal Shield Generators will now only decay 1 point on one in every four hits and are once again subject to the protection of Moof Mud in PvP.
  • Fixed Personal Shield Generators will no longer charge if they have 0 condition.
  • Fixed Several factory crate max capacities have been updated to 100.

A Patch Note IconProfessions

  • Fixed Sword Techniques IV now displays the correct name in the Skill Tree.

Bounty Hunter
  • Fixed Being Stunned should no longer prevent the use of the Bounty Check ability.

Creature Handler
  • Changed The Kick ability now does increased damage and mesmerizes the target for a short period.
  • Changed The Spit ability now does increased damage.
  • Fixed The Charge, Kick, and Spit abilities will no longer lock the player out of performing other actions during their cooldown period.

  • Added A total of 35 Polearm Accuracy has been added and distributed throughout the Lancer's Skill Tree.

  • Added A total of 45 Pistol Accuracy has been added and distributed throughout the Pistoleer's Skill Tree.

  • Fixed Smuggler missions now correctly grant you the choice of slicing materials instead of a random assortment.

Teras Kasi Artist
  • Fixed Focus Movement now works as a self-buff that grants +60% movement speed, snare immunity, and root resistance for 6 seconds.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration Development Team
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