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Patch Notes Hotfix - Life Day

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Patch Notes
Hotfix Life Day

The server was taken down for maintenance today, and an update was applied. Be sure to close the game and run your launcher. The update notes are as follows:

A Patch Note IconCombat

  • Changed Knockdown Recovery no longer is part of the global cooldown, and should instantly get you standing back up again. This is a temporary change as we work on some underlying combat queue improvements.

A Patch Note IconEvents

  • Added Life Day is upon us! One of the most important Wookiee customs is Life Day. On this day, extended Wookiee families gather and celebrate a day of joy and harmony as promised by the Tree of Life. Traditionally celebrated on the Wookiee home world Kashyyyk, Life Day is a time to reflect on the renewal of life and to remember those who have passed on.
    • Players can go to Wayfar, Dearic, or Doaba Guerfel to participate in the festivities.
    • Help Saul Dann with his quests to receive a STAP vehicle.
    • Visit the factional vendors to participate in decorating or destruction for rewards (including a bonus for completing the runs while Special Forces).
    • Open the Radial Menu on the Life Day Tree for the 2023 Life Day Badge and Title: Life Day Enjoyer.
    • Open the Radial Menu on the Life Day Tree for a pile of presents for you and a friend. Players will receive either a white or red Life Day themed pajamas and a unique ornament. Presents you can share with your friends will feature both an ornament and an exclusive Life Day painting.
    • The Kashhyyyk Tree House is newly available to purchase on the Life Day Vendor.

A Patch Note IconItems and Equipment

  • Changed Karkan Ribenes (the food) has been changed to grant Creature Loyalty.

May The Force Be With You and Happy Life Day,
The SWG Restoration Development Team
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