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Patch Notes Hotfix

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Patch Notes

The server was taken down for maintenance today, and an update was applied. Be sure to close the game and run your launcher. The update notes are as follows:
A Patch Note IconCombat

  • Fixed Force Bubble, Avoid Incapacitation, and Standfast have been adjusted to no longer get diminished by Snare/Root resistance.
A Patch Note IconContent

Theme Parks

  • Fixed The enemies near the Imperial Downed Transport no longer spawn on top of each other.
The Village

  • Fixed An issue where Captain Sarguillo would not grant his second quest during Phase 4 if you completed his first quest in a prior round has been resolved.
A Patch Note IconItems and Equipment

  • Changed The Old Republic Jedi Master Cloak includes Force Armor Cost Reduction (instead of Force Aura Effectiveness), which reduces the amount of Force spent while using Force Armor. This change is retroactive.

  • Changed Increased the crafted damage bonus of Old Republic Lightsabers. This change is not retroactive. If you would like a refunded schematic for a previously crafted Lightsaber, please contact Community Support.

  • Fixed The Force Regen stat on the following items has been fixed and increased to grant a noticeable amount; previously the following items would grant Force every 10 seconds (which often rounded down to 0/sec), and now they grant every 1 second:
    • Padawan Robes
    • Cloak of the Kursk
    • Cloak of the Storm Lord
    • Old Republic Jedi Knight Cloak
    • Old Republic Jedi Master Cloak
    • Old Republic Lightsabers
    • Jedi Knight Wristguards
  • Fixed Fixed an issue where old Ancient Krayt Dragon Pearls would tune with lower damage than intended

A Patch Note IconForce Sensitive

  • Added Added a total of 50 points Force Breach Resistance to the Force Ranged Defense branch of Force Defense. Each point reduces the chance that a given buff will be stripped by 1%.

  • Added Added a total of 50 points of Armor Break Resistance to the Force Melee Defense branch of Force Defense. Each point reduces the effectiveness of any armor break debuff on you by 1%.

  • Added Jedi may now visit their assigned Force Shrine from the Mending Mindfulness questline in order to restore the condition of their Lightsaber Color Crystals

  • Changed Using Meditate (Force Sensitive) will now refresh your first meditation buff before cycling to others

  • Changed The Force regained from the Niman Form proc has been reduced to 100 (from 150)

  • Changed Healing abilities now have a 42 meter range

  • Fixed Fixed an issue that could cause Jedi to lose multiple lives at once by closing the cloning UI

  • Fixed Fixed Force Weaken sharing a debuff slot with snares

  • Fixed Force Bubble can now be used while Stunned

  • Visibility:
    • Unattackable NPCs who have a favorable attitude and environment towards the Jedi will now either alert you to your visibility level or even help you reduce it. You will find these NPCs all over the game (such as Commoners), and the circumstances that factor into their opinions of Jedi will change along with their environment. Things like factional control, your visibility level, attributes about themselves or your character, etc all weigh in. If you encounter a friendly NPC, you will see one of the following effects above their head for a short time:
      • A warning symbol indicates you have a high visibility rating
      • A hooded figure icon indicates they are willing to help you hide. Radial them and select "Accept shelter".
    • Several methods of reducing visibility have been added or adjusted:
      • Meditating no longer reduces visibility
      • Being at a Safe Haven (the Ranch): now -10 points of Visibility per minute
      • Meditating at your assigned Force Shrine from the Mending Mindfulness questline: -50 points of Visibility per minute
      • Watching an Entertainer who has the Force Veil stats from the Enhanced Senses tree: up to -5 points of Visibility per ten seconds
      • Defeating all bounty hunters who have initiated combat against you: -2000 visibility
      • Completing a terminal mission of any kind without using a Jedi ability: -200 visibility
      • Accepting shelter from a friendly NPC (see above): -100 visibility
    • Adjusted the requirements for Darth Vader to appear:
      • The Jedi must have been at 5000+ visibility for over an hour
      • The Jedi must have defeated an Inquisitor
  • Ghost:
    • Several adjustments have been made to Jedi lives and Force Ghost to help give opposing players a better opportunity to take a Jedi out of a fight, while reducing the punishment that can occur for players who might have recently come back from being a ghost:
      • Jedi Padawans continue to start with 4 lives, but will lose all of their remaining lives when they are killed by another player. Deaths from PvE will continue to decrement 1 life per death.
      • When a player hits 0 lives and a Force Ghost, the timer that determines how long they are a Force Ghost now has a minimum of 2 hours and maximum of 24 hours (real-time, not logged-in time). The amount of time on the timer will depend on how long the player was actively been playing (capping at 24 play hours), or the number of days that have passed (capping at 7 days) since they were last a ghost or became a Jedi. We use whichever value is smaller and calculate an appropriate ghost timer from that value. For example, if a player had been alive for 3 days and had played for 20 hours during that time, their ghost timer would be around 11 hours.
A Patch Note IconMisc

  • Fixed Fixed an issue where some items would get stuck in the buyback container, preventing players from selling more Junk Loot.
A Patch Note IconSpace

  • Fixed The Havoc turret is now functional The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.

  • Changed The T-Wing speed modification has been changed from 0.95 to 1 The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.

  • Changed IFF Scramble no longer works on space battle frigates

  • Changed Hyperspace droid commands can now be used in the pilot seat of a POB

  • Changed Officer pilots will no longer gain GCW unless they are special forces
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