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Patch Notes Hotfix - May 24, 2022

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On May 22, a hotfix was slowly rolled out via the launcher and applied to the client for testing. This update is now released to all players.

Our patch today is the culmination of 6 months of work by the development team with the support of testing by our Galactic Senate and represents the single largest refactor of the SWG Client since its creation. Over 140,000 lines of code were changed to modernize many parts of the client and set the stage for easy implementation of future advancements, including 64-bit support, DirectX upgrades, a 4K user interface, and more.

While a majority of the changes to the client are "under the hood" and not immediately apparent, the following changesets have also been applied which are player-facing:
  • Client Game and Graphics

    • The startup load time of the client has been reduced by approximately 40%.
    • Objects are now observed from a substantially farther distance away and are maintained in memory for a longer period of time. The effect of this change means you can see things much farther in the distance, objects should not load directly in front of you, and should not vanish to reload even if only moving minimally far away from them.
    • The draw distance of the terrain has been optimized in conjunction with the observation range. Procedural terrain generation is now more performative and consumes less memory.
    • The Unicode encoding library has been refactored to provide higher performance and reduce latency in rendering.
    • Issues causing volatility in the client's frame rate (FPS) have been resolved such that the range of your frame rate while navigating the world and in combat should be more stable and the fluctuation range has been reduced.
  • Combat

    • Default Actions

      • When you hover over a target that is attackable, your cursor will change to appear with a red X.
      • Your default action is the action you will perform by default when attacking something. To attack with your default action, you can:
        • Double click on the target
        • Open the radial menu on the target (~) or right click and select "Attack"
        • Use the /defaultAction command
      • If you do not set a default action, your default action will be either: Melee Hit /meleeHit if you are unarmed or have a melee weapon, or Ranged Shot /rangedShot if you have a ranged weapon equipped.
      • You can set a different action from your toolbar to be your default action by holding down the control key and left-clicking the icon on the toolbar (Ctrl + Left Click). When you set a command in your toolbar to be your default action, an orange circle with a checkmark will appear over the command icon.
  • User Interface

    • Chat Window

      • You can now collapse the chat window (which hides the upper portion of the chatbox) on the ground. The default keybinding to toggle the collapsed chat window is Ctrl + Enter.
    • Experience Monitor

      • The skills selected on the experience monitor will no longer reset when traveling or logging off.
      • Skills that do not require any experience to earn (e.g., Novice Scout) will no longer display as skill options in the Experience Monitor.
      • If you learn the skill you currently have selected, the dropdown selection with that skill will now clear automatically.
      • The skills on the experience monitor dropdown are now sorted alphabetically.
      • The experience progress bar on the experience monitor now only has two colors: yellow for progress when you have not reached the required experience needed to learn the skill and a green full bar when you have the experience required for learning the new skill.
      • Hovering over a selected skill will show in a tooltip the type of experience needed for the skill, the amount you currently have, and the amount you need to learn the skill.
      • Note: When you first log in with the new Experience Monitor, you may need to travel and log in/log out a few times before the new features are fully functional as the existing UI cache will need to clear out.
    • Skills Window

      • The original skills window from the Combat Upgrade is now restored and fully operational.
      • All professions are now browsable separately from those you have learned skills in.
      • The "To: <profession>" linked text has been implemented and functions properly for understanding how basic professions move towards advanced professions and vis versa.
      • Hovering over skill boxes will display the experience you have and the experience you need to learn the skill, as well as the experience type required.
      • Players can use the "Show Help" check box for information about how to navigate and use the Skill Templates page.
    • Targeting

      • Two reticles now appear around targets. The green reticle reflects your intended target, that is, the target you are hovering your mouse over. The blue reticle reflects your look at and combat target.
      • Some quests and dialogue that indicate targeting as a requirement may need future adjustments to indicate whether the requirement reflects the intended or look at target (e.g., Nym's DNA Extractor and the Trick or Treat Prompt during the Galactic Moon Festival). Please continue to report any bugs where targeting seems to inappropriately require hovering your mouse over the object to interact with it.
    • Toolbars

      • A red circle with an (X) will now appear over any slot on your toolbar if your current combat target is out of range for the command or item in that toolbar slot to be used successfully.
      • An oracle circle with (✓) will appear over the slot that is selected as your current default action.
May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration III Development Team
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