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Open Science Combat Outdoors Artisan Improvement ideas for CH, BE, DE, Doc, Ranger as well as armour and weapon smiths, increasing interdependency across them.

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May 28, 2021
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Would make classes better and add more customisation to the game
Make the game a ton better, and make CHs more exciting and interesting again as well as adding more customisation and more scope for other classes as well.
Ok, so after finding out in my last post that CHs are unable to tame high end pets in the wild......what a massive, massive shame, I would like to propose some changes to this and some other classes to balance things out, so that CHs can once again have the excitement of running around dangerous places like Dathomir, Yavin, Endor etc to find rare pets for themselves in the wild, without impacting BEs, and at the same time making other classes more exciting and interesting at the same time.

Creature Handler change - allow CHs to tame top end wild pets once again. This is part of the challenge and fun, seeking out things like an elusive Bull Rancor baby for example, having to risk being jumped by a pack of wild rancors to do so.....that pulse enducing moment not knowing if your mask scent is going to wear off, or if that baby and the rest of the pack is suddenly just gonna see you as dinner.....take that away from CH and for me, you take away the very sole and interest of the class. Just buying your pets feels lame to me.

BEs standalone change - Give BEs back the ability to make things which can go into clothes to make perks such as improved pet taming etc, like they did pre-cu. No idea why this was ever taken away to be honest. This was always a critical part of BEs. Without it you may as well just call them beast makers as that is all they are....

BE connection to Droid Engineer changes - to make up for CHs being able to tame top end pets for themselves, allow BEs to make pets with certain Droid Engineer parts (Adding more schematics and things to the DE class as well). This way BEs can make top end pets, perhaps as good if not slightly better than those tamed in the wild, but by also incorperating cybernetic parts, perhaps they could do more than just kinetic, disease or poison type damages, why not say by including cybernetic elements that a Cyber-Rancor for example couldn't do a small amount of electric or energy damage as well? It would just make this element kind of cool and allow BEs to not just make awesome pets, but to also customise them and offer potentially more choice in damage types, thereby keeping the pet business a ton more viable in the process. Plus these would also just look funky overall with cybernetics showing on the pets themselves, also making them pretty desirable for that reason alone.

Droid Engineers connection to Doc changes - Similar to above, but this time it is cybernetics that can be added to players, made by Droid engineers, but applied by doctors, perhaps allowing docs a small amount of visual customisation options, make it just the hand, or half arm, and not the full arm, leg etc. etc. Change its colour, things like that. Also make certain upgrade elements available from armour or weaponsmiths, for example an attachment from an armour smith might make the cybernetic as good as full blown suit of armour piece for the same body part, or lets say someone wanted a cybernetic hand a weapon smith could make an attachment which goes into that which increases ranged/melee speed or something, again nothing massive, but enough to make these nice to haves, and allow Droid engineers to make more customisable cybernetics for people perhaps? (this could also apply to the same cybernetics for BE pets as well i guess)

Ranger and Doc/BE change - Very minor, but further to the above, add another skill to Rangers, so they can also get hold of not just DNA but also biological tissue from animals which could be used to make the flesh coverings for cybernetic parts, the quality of which would also have a bearing on the overall outcome of the cybernetics when combined with the parts from an armour or weapon smith used for making pieces for pets or players. Give rangers back tracking as well please as this was one of the few awesome features of this class.

I am sure there are a ton of other changes we could make here, or with other classes as well, but these for me would bring these classes to life a little more. CHs not being able to tame high risk pets all but kills the class for me. There is no risk at all to trying to tame dangerous critters otherwise, as mask scent never wears off with those, and even if it does, the critters are usually only CL 60 or lower and hardly much of a fight anyways.....where is the excitement or challenge in that?


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Jun 1, 2021
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Stand-alone changes need to go in their own PlayerVoice. Always sever ideas so they can be voted on separately. Thank you!
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