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Open GCW Increase Battlefield rewards payout to 6 for win, 4 for loss

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Mar 17, 2023
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Increase the token payout at the end of the battlefield to 6 tokens for a win, 4 for a loss.
Token payout is currently 5 for win, 2 for loss and among the players participating on the server there is wide agreement this is too low, particularly for a loss.

Many items take over 100 tokens which is well over 20-50 battlefields for 1 item. Taking 20-30mins/battlefield this is a huge amount of time.
The main focus should be retention of players doing this very fun activity and this will still provide a decent reward for participation, even for losing the battlefield. It takes a significant amount amount of time to play 1 battlefield, and organisation (approx. 30mins including buffing/queuing). The server has again started to see more battlefields due to improved rewards and the importance is to maintain this trajectory.
OPTIONAL: Further "bonus" token could be awarded for: 1. Each 100k dmg done 2. Each 100k healing done. 3. 5 kills 4. 0 deaths.

These would not be win/loss specific and encourage individual achievement within the battlefield/pvp environment.
Aug 27, 2021
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Assuming you won all your matches, and also somehow queued all the right maps because the tokens are split by map...
It takes around 5.5 - 6 hours to get one individual piece of the armor.
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