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Open Social Increase Chronicler XP and Add Practice Mode

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Sep 14, 2022
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I'd like to propose we increased the Chronicler XP by 25% and allow for a practice mode (so the inventory doesn't fill up with quests).
Chronicler is gate-kept by a nightmarish grind, that puts many people off. By making a couple tweaks to it, it's a quality-of-life improvement that would encourage more players to engage in an astounding amount of content.
I'd like to see more people using the system to create content for other players. Right now, it's a bit of a joke to see someone hiding in a corner grinding chronicler because you know the pain they're enduring. There's nothing fun about it. The XP gain is horrible and puts a lot of people off.
Grinding Chronicler is a mess. It's a test in tenacity like no other. It's tedious. It's horrible. And yet... Mastering it leads to one of the coolest, most unique game systems any MMO offers. And it can be used for so much great player-created content.
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