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Open Social Increase duration of holo backups for entertainers to at least 4 hours

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Sep 20, 2022
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Increase the duration of the holographic backup players to at least 4 hours, or based off skill to increase to at least 4 hours.
Right now they only last an hour, and more often then not when you've put together a well made collection of instruments and song macros to produce a decent music experience people will find worth listening to you often end up with 3-4 people queued up to receive buffs and your holograms disappear and leave group right in the middle. Leaving you to just you and that experience is now lost.
The holograms drop too quickly at 1hr, and more often then not right in the middle of a few people listening to receive buffs, significantly diminishing the social experience. Increasing the duration would prevent less downtime or having to listen to only 1 instrument instead of a well orchestrated band.
As someone who enjoyed master musician a lot on live not because of the buffs but because of the ability to actually put forth a lot of creative effort into design of song macros to produce well sounding songs. The use of the holographic backup playing each of the different instrument types to constitute a band when there weren't enough entertainers interested in making one was crucial to creating a music experience worth listening to instead of turning your player music off. Honestly I'd be fine with 12 hours or just until you disband or leave the area, but 1hr is too short.
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Jul 25, 2023
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Seems like an easy change to implement, without knowing how it affects backend stuff. I like this idea!