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Not Implemented Introduce Content Senator

This idea/suggestion has been flagged as Not Implemented because of a lack of popularity, lack of interest, lack of feasibility, or other determination by the Development Team, so the suggestion will not be implemented. Once a suggestion has been flagged this way, the decision is final. Although the issue may be raised again in the future after a six month cooldown. A response explanation from the Development Team can be found in the thread.
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May 28, 2021
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Introduce a content senator that works specifically with the devs to fine tune instances and in the future the heroics.
With all the changes that have happened and are coming up, someone who focuses on how these will affect instances etc and if any tweaking will be needed to NPCs in these instances would be a great help to make sure everything is balanced upon release. Whilst PVP was a major factor of the latest update it seems like PVE effects from this was overlooked and in the future that could have a negative effect on people being able to do instances/heroics.
One area that is overlooked seems to be instances. Other than the work Ornj puts in he still needs people to test these and put forward any issues found or tweaks that could be made and work closer with him whilst getting information from the community. (Maybe even help with how to get CHs through more instances?
(This box feels like a cover letter for when applying for a job so please just see the other sections)
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Jul 16, 2021
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Just going to throw this out there - but from my experience - this may be a priority issue rather than a lack of representation for content. When the priorities shifted to instances initially it was all hands on deck. When combat changes were in focus due to a shift to GCW - that is where attention was placed. I'm certain that when additional tweaks need to be made in the area of instances from recent combat changes - it will be a team effort to get those up to par.

It's a juggling act - and it will come back around. I'm positive of that.


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Jun 1, 2021
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Thanks for your suggestion! We’ve considered a content seat before, but that doesn’t make sense in context. The balancing for content as provided in the example relies on balancing by profession, which necessarily involves the Melee, Ranged, Outdoors and Hybrid Senators. Moreover, there’s nothing substantially different for them to drive/focus on that another Senator couldn’t also raise.

Adding a Senator seat has a high threshold as have to mitigate against having too many cooks in the kitchen and be practical with development time and resources. This largely doesn’t meet that burden.
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