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Implemented ITV (not as they are now, VERY modified and restricted)

This idea/suggestion has been flagged as Implemented so it has (or will be) implemented into the game in some capacity. More information can be found in the post from the development team.
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Sep 6, 2021
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Heavily modify ITV rules to the communities reasonable agreement, then release them.
ITVs could be used in a responsible way, with much more restrictions than they currently have. In their current state they would be abused and I could not support them, but with some reasonable restrictions, they could add some utility, without such a chance for abuse.
No one likes driving 8k back from one of the themepark locations, or walking across dath because their backup speeder got blown. The idea for this would be to use it tactically when you need it, not just because you don't want to drive 500m to the SP, or want to avoid the shuttle fee (or worse, trying to escape combat)
Ok, this one will be controversial. First, I do not support ITVs in their existing form. I would, however, like to see them come into the game in a much more limited role, with some fairly severe restrictions. Some suggestions include (and I'd recommend most, if not all, of these):

Can't be used within a certain distance of a shuttle/SP (I'd propose 2k, but that's debatable).
Timer when called (not so "instant", it would take time for your ship to get there and the droid to land it), I'd propose 2 mins (but that is debatable) with combat interrupting it.
Timer for use (you can only use it so often). I'd say once every 2 hours, but as always, that would be debatable.
Fee for use (shuttle fee, after all, it costs fuel to take off from the SP, fly out to you, land, and take off again).
Limitations on where it can take you. These could be as simple as it will only take you to a major SP, or more complex, but should at least include some factional restrictions, such as an imp can't go to a rebel supported player town and vice versa, etc.
Obviously they can't be used in combat (I believe that's an existing requirement but just in case), or within a certain time after combat (say 30 seconds, if there is also a 2 minute call timer, and combat will interrupt it).

I believe there was one other that someone suggested, but I've gone blank, so I'll reserve on some others to be added later.

Basically, I'd like to see a much more locked down and reasonable version of ITVs that can be used responsibly (and tactically) but aren't an inducement to pure laziness as the existing ones are.
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May 28, 2021
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starbase looks like your wish list came in, itv are now in game and yes, there are not instant a long as cool down on use as well 1 hour and a very heafty usage fee, so the devs ticked all the boxes for people asking for itv to be treturned to the game but also made them almost as useful as a chocolate fireguard in hell. Are we glad we asked for itv to be returned? what was the point?
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