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Patch Notes July Game Update

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The server was taken down for maintenance today and an update was applied. This update requires a client patch so be sure to run your launcher. The update notes are as follows:

Special Note: The Galactic Senate Race has begun! Be sure to visit the voting booth just outside of Theed Starport to cast your ballot!

Items and Miscellaneous

  • The Galactic Fortitude System payouts for content completion have been removed.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent transferring structures due to elevator terminals being no trade.
  • Bracelets will now display “Wrist: Left” or “Wrist: Right” in the attributes section of the Bazaar/Vendor UI.
  • When a harvester, factory, installation, or structure is redeeded, it now becomes No Trade Shared.
  • The PvP Radius on GCW Invasion Defensive Generals now only flags players who are combatant/covert to special forces/overt instead of all players such that players who are on leave and not participating in the invasion will no longer be flagged.

GCW Static Bases

  • Static bases have returned. Fight in PvP to hold important bases with unique rewards:
    • Weapons Development Facility (Naboo at /way 936 -1582)
      • Military Weapon Speed Enhancements
      • Military Weapon Accuracy Enhancements
      • Military Weapon Damage Booster Packs
      • Military Weapon Critical Hit Booster Packs
      • GCW Rally Banner
    • Tactical Training Facility (Corellia at /way 4772 -5233)
      • Military Stimpacks
      • Military Adrenaline Injections
      • Military Pain Numbing Powders
      • Military Might Enhancements
      • Military Positional Recovery Injection
    • Industrial Research Center (Talus at /way -4899 -3137)
      • Industrious Opportunity Inspiration Injection
      • Crafting Innovation Injectable
      • Experimental Experimentation Enhancement
      • Creature Incubation Inoculation
      • Expeditious Social Acclimation Enhancement
  • Capture bases by interacting with each of four terminals on the base without interruption for 30 seconds.
  • The longer you hold the base, up to 4 days, the more powerful the supplies that arrive (each buff available from the logistics officers inside increases in potency and power).
  • Check with the logistics officer to see what is available for purchase, the status of the base (up to phase 5), and the duration before the next phase.
  • Static base attacks are announced in the new #gcw-activity channel on Discord.


  • Commando

    • The cooldown for the Riddle Armor ability has been reduced to 8 seconds.
    • A bug that allowed DOT abilities to be used without having a heavy weapon equipped has been fixed.
  • Entertainer

    • Novice Musicians can now use the /sing chat type.
    • The rebel circles captcha check during Inspiration Buffs has been removed.
  • Shipwright

    • Master Shipwrights can now craft Engine Overhauls.


  • Space Bounty System

    • Bounties can now be placed for all types of space PvP kills like in the ground game (except for duel and BH related kills). There is no level restriction for placing a bounty from space PvP kills. For POB ships, it is the owner of the victim ship who gets to place the bounty on the owner of the attacker ship.
    • The requirement that a mark must be within a certain combat level of the BH who is browsing the mission terminal in order for the mark to appear in the mission list does not apply if the mark has a space bounty. If the mark has any space bounty, they will always appear on the mission list, regardless of the level difference between the mark and the BH who is browsing the mission terminal.
    • If the bounty consists of only space bounties, the mark can only be hunted in space. If the bounty consists of only ground bounties, or both ground and space bounties, the mark can be hunted on both ground and in space.
    • The mission list will indicate if the bounty only consists of Space Bounties.
    • There is no BH First Strike in space. The mark’s ship and the BH’s ship will have a mutual TEF and appear red (attackable) to each other at all times.
    • For POB ships, the BH must be in their own ship, and the mark must be in their own ship. The BH cannot attack if they are aboard someone else's ship. The mark cannot be attacked if they are aboard someone else's ship. Gunners aboard the BH's ship or the mark's ship can participate in the fight.
    • An actual kill is required to collect the bounty. The ship that delivers the kill shot will receive the bounty reward.
    • The Arakyd Probe Droid can now be launched in space, but only for player bounty missions.
    • The BH must be aboard their own ship to launch the Arakyd Probe Droid or the Seeker Droid.
    • If the mark is in space, the waypoint reported by the Arakyd Probe Droid and the Seeker Droid will just contain the zone information, NOT the exact space coordinates of the mark. The coordinates will just point to (0, 0, 0).


  • General

    • The drop rate of the colorable Katarn Armor schematics from the Mutant Rancor has been increased.
  • Rare Loot System

    • The following items have been added to the Legendary Rare Loot Chests:
      • AT-PT Walker Vehicle Deed
      • Gunship Blueprint
      • Mechno Chair
      • Corellian G9 Rigger Freighter ITV
      • Forage Worm DNA
      • Emperor's Senate Office Lamp
      • Emperor's Senate Office Chair
      • Emperor's Senate Office Desk
      • INS-444 Holo-pet Droid
      • CLE-004 Holo-pet Droid
    • The following items have been added to the Exceptional Rare Loot Chests:
      • Xeno Couch
      • Xeno Table
      • Xeno Recliner
      • Xeno Rug
      • Xeno Desk
      • Xeno Desk Lamp
      • Kowakian monkey-lizard DNA
May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration III Development Team
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