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Patch Notes June Game Update

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The server was taken down for maintenance today and an update was applied. This update requires a client patch so be sure to run your launcher. The update notes are as follows:


  • A bug that sometimes caused the online status of friends in your friend's list to display incorrectly has been resolved.


  • Profession Trainers are now properly destroyed when a City Hall is destroyed.


  • Buffs

    • Effects from buffs now persist after death such that removing and re-adding buffs when cloning is no longer required.
    • The potency of a buff effect is no longer impacted by logging in after being unloaded from the database.
  • Knockdown

    • All novice professions now have the Knockdown Recovery ability.
    • NPCs with an Elite/Silver difficulty now have an innate 20% chance to resist a knockdown.
    • NPCs with a Boss/Gold difficulty now have an innate 40% chance to resist a knockdown.


  • Empire and Remembrance Day

    • The Empire Day and Remembrance Day celebrations have arrived with tension high between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire as the Empire seeks to celebrate the Emperor's rise to power and the termination of the Jedi Council while the Rebel Alliance works to inspire hope for the future and defeat imperialist propaganda.
    • Both factions are recruiting members to help post propaganda and tear down whatever propaganda the other side managed to post. Entertainers are recruited to boost the troops' morale, while Artisans are hired to help keep supplies flowing to the front lines.
    • Imperials seek out, in Theed, Major Brenn Tantor for Propaganda Quests and Droid Kaythree for Artisan and Entertainer Quests.
    • Rebels seek out, in Coronet, Captain Derlin for Propaganda Quests and Major Carlist Rieekan for Artisan and Entertainer Quests.
    • Be sure to grab the exclusive Inaugural Battle Mobile, which will only be available this year!
  • City Invasions

    • New, massive invasion/siege warfare scenarios in three major cities - Bestine, Dearic, and Keren featuring. Check the planetary map for invasion times. One of the invasion cities will always have an invasion running every four hours.
    • Dynamic changes occur in cities based on which faction is currently in control. Cities will display Imperial or Rebel banners and faction-specific NPCs, quests, terminals, and pylons depending on which faction is on top.
    • Defend your city by manning barricades and building defensive turrets.
    • Assault enemy cities and take out defense structures and key enemy personnel with the might of AT-AT or Hailfire missile attacks.
    • Contribute to the battle with profession-specific quests that let you bolster defending or invading forces.
    • Improve and repair defensive structures, revive fallen soldiers, heal fatigue, entertain demoralized troops, slice terminals, scout and sabotage patrol points, and more.
    • Reap the benefits of war when you successfully lay waste to your opponents with invasion-specific quests.
    • Earn tokens for defending your city with battle-specific quests such as manning barricades, building turrets, and treating wounded soldiers.
    • Cash in tokens for new rewards, which include: faction-specific clothing including capes, cloaks, and battle-scarred armor; Entertainer glow sticks, and multiple new weapons.
    • See: City Invasions for full dynamics and other information.


  • Artisan

    • Looted objects with a stack count (e.g., Krayt Scales) are no longer destroyed as a whole by factories if not separated into singles prior to manufacturing.
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Survey and Sample commands to not show up in the command browser.
  • Entertainer

    • The “Second Chance” Inspiration Buff proc now properly triggers with the appropriate probability.
  • Squad Leader

    • Squad Leaders can now only use group buff commands if another player that does not belong to their account is in their group and within 64 meters of them.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration III Development Team
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