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Open Space Keeping Special Landing Rights (Jabba's Palace, Emperor's Retreat, etc.)

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Jun 5, 2022
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Keeping special landing rights (i.e. Jabba's palace, Emperor's Retreat, Rori - Rebel Base and Dantooine Abandoned Rebel Base)
The ability to land at the above listed locations requires doing a specific quest. The squadron gives access to the quest, but the quest is given by the space station, not the squadron pilot trainers.

This will allow people who have completed the quests to keep access to the specific landing rights they have earned, after they change to a different squadron regardless of faction. Like people who go for Ace of Aces.
I, like many others, have spent time completing the special landing rights, to gain access to the specific location.

The problem is once we change squadrons we lose access to a quest that is separate from the missions given from the pilot trainers. Meaning it is not part of the mission chain, it is a side quest only.
It is a problem now because I just changed squadrons from smugglers alliance to another squadron and lost access to Jabba's palace landing location.
These quests are side quests and not part of any of the pilot trainers missions. Joining a specific squadron gives access to the mission from the space station and not from any pilot trainer. Gaining access to the mission from a specific squadron I would not change.
This will allow anyone who wants to do multiple aces doesn't lose access to the side missions they completed, like people who are going for Ace of Aces or badge hunting.