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Open Outdoors Make CH pets tradeable after they're tamed.

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May 28, 2021
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Proposal: Make CH pets tradable after they are tamed. I think the only caveats to this is that the skills the pet has learned should have to be removed prior to trading and trading could only be done by master CHs. I think this would be a great way to help out newer CH and to open up a new service into the market. Maybe make them only tradable in person(no vendors) by dragging them from the datapad to the trade window.
Justification: When you drop CH, your pets are either stuck forever in your datapad, you stuff them and throw them into a house, or just delete them. If they were tradable I could at the very least give them away so someone can get some use out of them. Making them tradable also opens the market for a new type of service; CH pet training.
Motivation: I dropped CH and now my old pets are neglected in my datapad. Wish I didn't have to stuff them. It would be cool to have more options. Even if I had to regrind CH to give them away to someone.
CH pets should be tradeable after they're tamed.
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