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Open Social Make Image Designer and Image Desing Tents More Useful

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Nov 6, 2022
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Give the image designer the ability to buff either action or mind regen rates in exchange for health rates, while keeping health regen in the realms of medical professions. The buff would not be excessive to unbalance and only one or the other can be chosen. Have these buffs dependent on a stat in the image designer tree with a bonus available for utilizing image designer tents and have them expire after a duration of time in order to provide repeat business.
Image Designer has limited useful skills and requires a lot of skill points to acquire such little gain.
Had an idea when discussing with an image designer on a way to improve Iiage designer class and make more useful like other entertainers.
Image designer Pre-CU had the ability to adjust Health Action Mind (HAM) which was no longer supported after the CU thus giving it no purpose other than to change character traits. Make image designer more useful by giving a skill or buff set to offset what was lost.