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Sep 20, 2022
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Make the various sliders of appearance effect your physical character attributes in minor but worthwhile ways. This would allow for very minor buffs, but for min/maxers goals to aim for. As they change builds or classes they will seek Image designers on the regular to adjust those parameters to better fill those builds. As such they will put image designers in demand as another way to spend credits, and bring a need for the social class.
Brings a new system into the game for people to consider for their builds, which expands the complexity and makes the server stand out and more appealing, and also increases the usability and demand for the profession, making it worthwhile to grind.
Image designers have almost no need in the game currently other then cosmetics. This would bring a need for the class, and a purpose for its existence into the game more.
Granted this idea is stealing from another games mechanic, and its potentially not possible in the swg engine, but it would be interesting to make ID's in demand, and another way to balance credits/grind.

If you reference dragonball xenoverse 1/2, they have a mechanic with their races customization. The taller you are, the more hitpoints you have, but the slower your movement speed. The fatter/bulkier you are, the harder your melee hits, but the weaker your ranged ki blasts are etc. If you picked a middle slider where its not a lot in one side or the other, you had balanced value.

What I propose is something similar. The taller you are, the more hit points, but the slower movement speed so maybe a 3% increase in HP pool for height, but a -3% to movement speed. The shorter you are the opposite, 3% increase in movement speed, but a -3% decrease in hit points etc. You could pick and choose other sliders that would give benefits as well, the smaller you are, increase to ranged defense, the bigger you are, increase to melee defense.

Muscle mass could affects stats in a few ways, maybe if you are overweight it increases toughness, but being fit increases endurance and so forth by minor %'s 3 at the most extremes.

Allowing for these kinds of stat changes wouldn't make dramatic impacts, but for those who min/max their builds it would something they would seek to adjust. Especially with the upcoming added races, and consideration of race stats this combined with that could allow for some very diverse unique build combos.

As such as people figure out their builds or make adjustments they will need to seek an image designer to adjust their physical attributes on a regular basis as well.