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Open Other Make No-Trade Looted Items Tradeable for a Limited Time

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Jun 4, 2021
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I propose making the X-Wing and TIE Fighter ITV deeds temporarily tradeable for 15 minutes, so they can be given to people who actually want them, or making them looted from the NPC's instead of putting it the inventory of a random player.
In my example, I was forcibly given an item I already had. I did not loot it, and others in the group would have liked it, but it was no-trade.
The ITV's are rare drops on the Corvette. It only seems logical to make it fair that either someone who already has it is ineligible to receive it forcibly, or that it be tradeable temporarily so that it can be traded to someone who wants it.
Good morning Resto Community!

A quick backstory... Myself and 2 other guildies were running the Imperial Corvette instance. (I already have the TIE Fighter ITV and I don't have auto loot settings enabled, nor do I loot anything in dungeons), and on one of the runs we did, the ITV deed dropped. It appeared in my inventory, which is strange as I didn't loot anything, but that's besides the point. Both of the guild members I was with did not have it, and the deed is No-Trade. Now I have a deed I cannot use, nor share with an alt.

I propose that No Trade Loot be shareable with the group that was involved when it was looted for 15 minutes.

As most people know, the factional ITV's do not have any benefit over the rattletrap, so nothing is gained by making it tradeable for a short time.


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Jun 1, 2021
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