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Not Implemented Make player count pure text

This idea/suggestion has been flagged as Not Implemented because of a lack of popularity, lack of interest, lack of feasibility, or other determination by the Development Team, so the suggestion will not be implemented. Once a suggestion has been flagged this way, the decision is final. Although the issue may be raised again in the future after a six month cooldown. A response explanation from the Development Team can be found in the thread.
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Jan 31, 2022
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While on a PC, viewing the player count on your website is fine, as you just highlight over it.
However, on my mobile (Android) (Chrome, Firefox and default browser), I am unable to get the player count to display. Holding my finger on the "Online" just highlights the text rather than displays the player count.

I look at this to see how well SWGR is going as i'm excited for it to become more popular.
The stats are already publicly available, but on mobile, I am unable to display it. I'm sure this can be reproduced
My personal interest to see how popular the server is at the time.

To explain my suggestion in more detail, please see below.

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Development Lead
Jun 1, 2021
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Thanks for your suggestion!

We're actually going to remove the entire bar that has server status from the website in the near future as we're changing our approach with this a bit more and modifying the design flow. This information (server status and population) will always be provided in the launcher (including the hover to see player count).

We originally removed population numbers from direct view to follow industry standards of not displaying this information at all and because we observed a consistent issue with the conversion from registrant to player when the population was displayed, however, because some players have expressed interest in the population, we made it available by hover as a compromise.
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