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Open Outdoors Making Creature Handler great again (mechanically)

This idea/suggestion is Open. You can respond to ask questions or discuss the idea and either vote it up or down if you believe it should or should not be implemented, respectively. Popular suggestions and ideas will be considered by the development team to become reality in-game.
Sep 15, 2022
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I have proposed four points which would give creature handlers a way to influence the stat rolls of tamed pets, new interactions with bio-engineers for more powerful mutated pets, and ways to make mounts more relevant than being a curio.
I would like to see creature handlers able to tame the higher level and more aggressive pets that they were able to in the past, and give them a more diverse way of obtaining high stat pets without relying on taming rng or bio-engineers.
After taming four or five grauls in a row with multiple zeroes in stats, or taming dps pets with terrible allocations all under 40 points, then either the way tamed pet stats roll need a buff, or there needs to be a way for the creature handler to influence them.
As an OG creature handler, I just wanted to make a thread of possible ideas or suggestions for making CH a mechanically better profession and not just "shoot pet at target. afk. profit." Creature Handler is already strong as a stand alone damage profession, but it could be so much more.

Item the First.) Let us tame High Level or Aggressive pets again. Things like rancors, kimos (not krayts, that would be silly), some variations of spiders, mustafar animals like lava fleas and raptors and those crazy ass lava cats, so on and so forth.
1-B.) Add in accessory affixes for creature handlers that modify taming stats to tame said high risk animals. These are dangerous animals, and should need more work to tame than just hitting mask scent and follow.
1-C.) High risk tames should also be high reward. Either with the ability to tame stat equivalent pets to what BE's can make (without making the BE profession redundant in the process, since bio-engineering is the only avenue for mutations or cross breeding), or with special modifiers like can have a rare chance to get a 12 in a stat slot while maintaining the 60 point limit. So it would be lower in a slot than others, but would be better for tanking, or deal higher damage at the cost of defense, etc. Something to make it special.

#B.) Allow creature handlers the ability to cull or "breed" some varieties of pets in the wild. For instance if I tame a pet that has a triple zero in stats, it should make the remaining pack genetically stronger. The idea is that the CH could mark a lair, or cluster of lairs as long as they are the same animal, and they would have a higher chance of spawning babies. Using creature knowledge, the CH would then be able to inspect the baby for stat distribution, skills, and passive traits. The option would then be given to tame it, return it to the lair, or cull it from the pool to give you a chance for a higher stat pet at a later date. This process would take at LEAST the same amount of time as a BE needs to make a 60 point pet in their incubation chambers. So no less than 16 hours. Each cycle increasing the chance for a high/capped stat pet, or if you've been diligently maintaining a group of lairs, a higher chance for a special or unique stat pet. The tames should be equivalently more difficult depending on the time and level of the pets being nurtured. The cycle would reset after either removing the evolved pet, or destroying the lairs and wiping out that strain of the species. If you work together with a bio engineer, the DNA for this selectively bred strain could be saved, replicated, and duplicated. Imagine a CH breeding up a pet with two stats with +12 (albeit two inferior stats because of it), and then a BE taking that cultured DNA and mutating it, either outright negating the inferior stats or increasing the abnormally high stats. Or genetically strengthened mounts that could carry turrets. Ok that last one is kinda silly.

#3.) This is just beating the dead bantha, but take pet abilities off the primary GCD. That's all I'm gonna say about that since there's probably pages and pages of threads on it.

#4.) Mounts. Mounts need to be special and need a reason to use them over speeders in some places. Not just cause the area locks you out of a speeder. Some should have superior terrain negotiation, some should be faster on flat land, some should be able to be used as pack animals or beasts of burden, and some should be able to pull multiplayer carriages or vendor carts, bird mounts should actually fly (so should jetpacks but that's for a different thread). And there is no reason, and I mean no reason, as a bounty hunter or pistoleer or smuggler, I can't shoot back at something attacking me while I am in the saddle.

These are just some of the ideas I've had for making Creature Handler (mechanically) great again. You're allowing us the chance to use CH in more diverse builds than we ever could on live. Now let's put'em to work.
There were more things I wanted to list, but I having an adhd moment and can't remember them. I'll update if I do.
Jul 15, 2021
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1-A) Taming Rancors/Kimos/etc, I am not sure I see an issue with that type of stuff. I do however think that the wild tames should still not be able to hit 60pt personally. I can't imagine a way BE would still be useful without being able to solely provide those level pets.

1-B) This is interesting and I think would be good if those dangerous type creatures were able to be tamed, it should be a risk to attempt. These things are supposed to be able to eat you after all.

1-C) This I think there could be a compromise instead of 60pt wild pets. Having a boost to wild creatures in one of the stat bonuses could be interesting in a not excessive way. Example - Maybe if you tame a rancor or other large top of the food chain type beast, it will have a higher bonus to Critical Hit than a BE pet could have due to skills learned in the wild. Or take even a typical Bantha, maybe it has a chance to have a higher than BE bonus to Damage Absorption. Just an idea to keep BE happy and still give interesting boosts to wild tames.

#...B) On this note I am not sure if/how this could be implemented on the coding side of things, but is an interesting idea. More than likely this would have to be zone /activity based type of thing, and I see more potential of this being a measure of over taming an area. Areas with less activity over a period of time could provide stronger taming stock opposed to a mechanic of modifying stat potential of new spawns.

#3) Not sure if this is on the radar or not. I believe the GCD change was in response of the potential to abuse the pets GCD. There may be a way to modify this to a better balance, but I think the balance required in PvP will override most of this type of request. Unless there is a increase to the speed cap for players with CH builds to slow down their personal attacks while maintaining a moderate paced separate pet cool down timer.

#4) The terrain negotiation is a decent point, some mounts should be fast in some terrains. Don't think the flying is easy to put in due to the way the game works. Combat from back of mount I think could be interesting, so long as the mounts were not over fast or tanky. I think the ability to fire back is logical, but it should not be preferable to combat on the ground. Accuracy should be bad firing from mounts. CH logically could have a reduction in the negative effect - mounts should not be able to attack though.

Lots to digest here, some interesting angles for sure.
Dec 16, 2022
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Hi all
Agree with those Points.

Furthermore it should be possible to trade Mounts through a Bazaar or Vendor instead of only via Datapad.
Makes no sense to yell around for Hours until someone would buy the Mount for the Price i want to get.


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May 28, 2021
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I agree with most aside from the gcd change and #B
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