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Patch Notes March Game Update

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The server was taken down for maintenance today and an update was applied. This update requires a client patch so be sure to run your launcher. The update notes are as follows:

Badges and Collections


  • Inspiration Buffs

    • Inspiration buffs now persist even if you log out or crash and now behave like other buffs. Inspiration buffs are not dispelled upon death but will decay by 5 minutes.
    • All inspiration buffs are now fully functioning as intended and the value of their attributes display correctly to the client.
    • The "Surveying" buff has been removed due to feasibility constraints at this time.
    • A "PvP Decay Resistance" buff has been added.
    • Some buffs have been rearranged so they follow a more logical order, so please be sure to be patient with entertainers as they adjust. Likewise, the descriptions of all buffs have been modified so their syntax is consistent and the effectors more accurately depict what is changed by the buff package.
  • Doctor Buffs

    • A new module for droids, the Thyferran Buff Enhancement Module, has been added.
    • When attached to a player-owned droid, the Thyferran Buff Enhancement Module will add a radial option to the spawned droid that nearby players can use to purchase a temporary buff enhancement that lasts for five minutes. When active, the buff enhancement will increase the duration of all doctor buffs received for the duration purchased.
    • By purchasing the highest tier of available enhancement, players can double the duration of their doctor buffs.
    • When a player purchases the buff enhancement, they will consume between 3% to 5% of the droid's battery (dependent on the tier of enhancement purchased). Once the droid's battery has been fully depleted, the buff enhancement purchase option will no longer be available; however, any player can now provide a battery to a droid to give it more power.


  • Fishing

    • Fishing now properly provides fish meat.
  • Kashyyyk

    • The spawns in "Doing your duty, Phase II" of the Fallen Jedi Starfighter quest series have been fixed.
    • The wave counting and spawns in the "Rescue the Slavers" quest have been fixed.
    • Players can now properly complete the "Eliminate Hss'kas" quest and should directly visit his crashed escape pod to advance the quest forward.
    • The wave spawning in the "Arena Challenge: Face Wirartu" quest has been fixed.
  • Meatlump Theme Park

    • Deciphering the Secret Coded Meatlump Target Maps has been fixed and is now working as intended.
  • Quarantine Zone

    • The running speed of survivors for rescue has been adjusted such that most players should now be able to keep pace with them. Any hindrance on terrain negotiation may still impact your ability to keep pace.

Items and Misc.

  • All schematics from the Ewok Festival of Love are now craftable. This change is retroactive.
  • The full palette of color options for Elegant Furniture is now available and Yarr is now finally able to decorate in peace.
  • Mounts no longer automatically despawn when you dismount from them.
  • Consistent with the change for doctor buffs, more broadly, droids can now be charged by other players if their battery is dead.
  • You can no longer withdraw credits from the maintenance pool of a Guild Hall. All credit transactions are now are one-way and final consistent with other player structures.
  • Clothing from the Witches of Dathomir (Nightsister or Singing Mountain Clan) no longer has gender restrictions to wear.
  • Species-related restrictions have been removed from all weapons.
  • Players who are not the owner of a structure can no longer toggle on and off the effects of the Inaugural Moon Mellon and Inaugural Snow Globe. Some effects that were orphaned from relocating the objects will be resolved with the restart.
  • Custom House Signs (including the Crescent Moon Signs from the Galactic Moon Festival which were previously disabled) are now fully implemented.
  • The cooldown on Instant Travel Vehicle usage has been reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes.
  • The Third Character Slot quest bunkers are now in a static location instead of dynamically spawned.


  • Artisan

    • Beast Dietary Supplements now require food assembly and experimentation.
    • Beast Food can now be made in a factory crate (25 per stack).
    • Tissues now require medical assembly and experimentation.
    • The Medical Experimentation ratio in Reverse Engineering has been corrected to match all other experimentation ratios.
    • Armor Dye Kits can now be made as a draft schematic stacking up to 25 per crate.
  • Creature Handler

    • The "Charge" ability 1-5 should now work correctly.
  • Commando

    • Grenades have been fully implemented and are now craftable and usable.
    • The warmup time for Overkill Shot has been reduced from 10 seconds to 4 seconds.
  • Entertainer

    • Image Designer skill points have been corrected so the Image Designer profession can be completed by an Entertainer who has also mastered the Dancer, Musician, and Entertainer professions.
  • Scout

    • You can no longer harvest resources from the corpse of a creature if you do not have the Novice Scout skill.
  • Smuggler

    • A Master Smuggler can now properly search the corpse of a humanoid from the "Find Illicit Goods" radial menu option.
    • Slicing a Bounty Hunter Mission Terminal will now properly modify the payouts from missions with a bonus for the immediate next time you open the mission terminal following a successful slice.
  • Teras Kasi Artist

    • Teras Kasi mediation now functions correctly. While meditating, you will enter a trance that will heal wounds, and heal any damage over time (DoT) effects active on your character, depending on your skill level.


  • The use of the command /escapePod will now destroy your ship and will respawn you at the space station for the current space zone you are in. You will need to use the /comm command to request and pay for repairs from the station in order to move. If you land, while you will be advised against it, you will need a repair kit from a Shipwright before you will be able to fly again.
  • Note: Passengers in a multi-person ship can still use the /escapePod command to leave a ship they are in without damaging it. The damage will only apply if the owner of the ship uses the command.
  • All group members who are with you in space will now get the waypoint from your mission/quest automatically.
  • A new command, /beacon has been added. When used, this command will send your current waypoint position to all members of your group, which they can accept or decline to add to their datapad.
  • Non-crafted space parts now display a percentage value associated with each stat in the attributes window for the object (i.e., the quality of the stat relative to the quality of the stat on other parts of the same time). This stat is intended to provide accurate data in lieu of the player-coordinated "st.txt" style resource shared among players. Please note that it is possible for a stat to exceed 100% quality, especially after it has been reverse engineered.

User Interface

  • Junk Wearables

    • The description in the attributes pane for armor and/or clothing that is categorized as "Junk" no longer indicates that "you can wear this item" and instead appears with a specific notation about its usability.
    • Junk wearables now appear in your inventory and loot boxes with an orange frame and border to visually indicate they are junk wearables.
    • You can no longer attempt to equip or equip to your appearance any objects categorized as junk wearables.
  • Options

    • A new option, "Show NPC Chat," has been added under the "Chat" tab of the Options Window. Unchecking this box will filter out all spatial chat messages from non-player characters. You may not want to use this setting if you are doing a mission from an NPC or there are hostile NPCs nearby.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration III Development Team
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