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Patch Notes Mid-Month Patch - October 2021

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  • You can no longer loot a rare loot chest, treasure map, or collection item from combat or foraging if you are not actively at the keyboard and playing the game.
  • The Rare Loot System drop functionality has changed as follows:
    • Mobs lower than Level 40 no longer drop Rare Loot.
    • In order to have a chance roll for Rare Loot, the mob you defeat must not be lower than 5 combat levels below your current combat level (For example, if you are level 80, the lowest mob you can defeat for a rare loot roll is Level 75).
    • The base probability to loot a Rare Loot Chest is now 0.5%. The probability to loot a Rare Loot Chest will increase by 0.1% for every 100 points of Opportunity Chance you have up to a maximum chance of 1%. For example, if you have 350 Opportunity Chance, the probability of looting a Rare Loot Chest is 0.8%.
    • You cannot loot a Rare Loot Chest from the same mob twice in a row.
    • You cannot loot a Rare Loot Chest on the same planet as the last planet where you looted one.
    • The chance to loot a "Rare" level chest is 70%. If a player rolls in the other 30%, they will either receive an "Exceptional" or "Legendary" chest. The chance for a Legendary level chest is increased if you are defeating a silver (or increased even more for a gold) elite mob.
  • The corpse of an NPC/Mob will now despawn after 30 seconds instead of 5 seconds if it has no loot contents but does contain harvestable resources in order to give players more time to harvest resources from mobs.
  • The Corellidyne Personal Insurgency Wrist Implant -Black- (Right) which grants +5 to the Sampling Resource Skill Mod can now be worn by Artisans at Level 1. This change is retroactive to all existing instances of the item.
  • The skill requirement preventing the use of the "Executioner Hack" schematic for crafting has been corrected.
  • The Bracelet of Inspired Status (Right) should now work correctly.
  • Master Dancers can now equip Prop Fans.
  • Entertainers should no longer receive system messages regarding the Build-A-Buff Workshop Collection when buffing players.
Quests and Content:
  • Nym's DNA Extractor should no longer get stuck in your inventory and will now only credit DNA collection from the intended mobs.
  • Players can now correctly complete "The Great Hunter, Phase V" after defeating Sawtooth. Any existing players stuck on the quest can converse with Qakkee again to have the quest removed from their Journal.
  • The respawn time on Ewok mobs in the Endor Lake Villages and Endor Tree Villages has been increased from 2 minutes to 5 minutes in order to allow access to content in the area after defeating the mobs.
  • Players can now converse with Ikvizi, the imprisoned Geonossian in Kachirho, without visibility issues.
  • The health of the Mutant Rancor has been further reduced for groups attempting to defeat the beast.
  • Rebreathers used in Death Watch Bunker can now only be enhanced by Artisans with at least the Engineering II skill. Naming to reflect this has been updated as well.
In Other News:
  • Rumors are spreading regarding Thimble's recent property acquisition on a remote island on Rori.
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